Introducing Emotiq – a Next-Generation Blockchain with Powerful Scalability and Privacy Introducing Emotiq – a Next-Generation Blockchain with Powerful Scalability and Privacy

Emotiq is a powerful, next-generation blockchain with strong consistency, massive scalability, fast throughput, confidential transactions, and a natural smart contract language. Conceived by a team of veteran developers, and committed to overcoming the unresolved challenges of the blockchain, it launched with a private Token Generation Event (TGE) on March 2nd.

Current blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.) are unable to match the transaction throughput of centralized solutions, such as VISA & Mastercard, with transaction speeds magnitudes below that required. Emotiq combines the latest in distributed systems research with an innovative approach to smart contracts, to address the unresolved challenges of blockchain scalability, privacy, and usability.

“We believe that a solid blockchain foundation has yet to be put in place,” said Joel Reymont, Emotiq’s CEO. “With natural language smart contacts and state-of-the-art scalability and privacy, Emotiq aims to become that foundation.”

The blockchain has massive implications for how we live, work, interact, and do business. But to achieve its potential, the blockchain needs to be better, stronger, and more scalable.

Emotiq features a plain English smart contract language, Ring, that allows non-programmers to create and understand smart contracts through a natural layer. Ring is inspired by Zork, a classic interactive fiction computer game.

“So far, the blockchain has been removed from those who will benefit the most from using it – non-programmers,” said Joel. “With Emotiq, we’ve a created a blockchain that is not only scalable, private, and fit for enterprise, but also one that can take root in the mass market, with plain English smart contracts.”

Emotiq is headquartered in Switzerland and developed by a team of heavy-duty developers, distributed across the globe, united in the aim to deliver a scalable and private blockchain to the market.

Emotiq will launch a testnet on May 15th. Its website and position paper can be found at – and a technical paper will be made available April 15th. The private TGE will be followed by a public TGE.

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