Introducing Coin360’s Exchanges: Now Users Can Follow a Range of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Now Users Can Follow a Range of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Coin360 is adding a new feature that will allow users to assess the current market situation more easily. Users will now be able to follow not only the market in real time, but also a range of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coin360 users can now watch how the market cap and daily volume of more than two hundred exchanges fluctuate, filter that information via time parameters (daily, weekly, or monthly) and hide the exchanges they don’t want to follow. Additionally, in the Beta version users can customize the volume changes.


Evan Ropp, Coin360 CEO,  said:

“We have launched a Beta version for now. The exchanges show market trading volumes, how many instruments there are on a specific exchange, what commissions there are, whether there is margin trading happening, etc. Subsequently, we’ll further develop the Exchanges section, with our users’ feedback in mind”., also known to users as, is an interactive infographic created to display current cryptocurrency market data and the market capitalization of all significant cryptocurrencies.

Coin360 also has the following tools and features:

  • a watchlist to customize user’s heatmaps
  • auto-update to follow the market in real time
  • a tracker which allows users to check the price movement of a market currency, follow the size of market capitalization and get a summary of the currency’s transaction volume
  • a toggle option that gives users the choice of either Map or Bubbles visualization
  • filter tools to set the conditions for sorting and displaying currencies
  • a news ticker that includes news from crypto media

As a holiday present, Coin360 has prepared a special Christmas theme for their users.

If you’d like to give the Coin360 team any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at


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