Ignite Ratings Announces Token Sale Date of January 15th for First Decentralized, Crowd-Sourced ICO and Investment Ratings Platform

block.news Ignite Ratings Announces Token Sale Date of January 15th for First Decentralized, Crowd-Sourced ICO and Investment Ratings Platform

Gibraltar: Ignite Ratings, a Gibraltar-based blockchain start-up, is building the world’s first, truly decentralised, self-regulating ICO and investment ratings platform powered entirely by crowd-sourced intelligence.

Ignite is disrupting the way that ICOs and digital assets are reviewed and traded by combining their decentralised intelligence platform with an investment index that is powered by the ratings platform itself. Ignite’s software automatically deploys the index’s capital into its highest-rated assets, returning 50% of its trading gains back to qualified token holders. No more than 1% of the Ignite Index’s current net asset value is deployable in support of any given asset, making the token itself an incredible diversification tool in its own right, while providing token holders with exposure to the highest-rated ICOs and other digital assets.

In traditional finance, ratings agencies are incentivised by those issuing the assets, creating clear conflicts of interest. Additionally, traditional ratings are not based on real-time information, but are usually written and distributed after the fact; thus value for a trader or investor is limited at best. Ignite breaks away from this traditional incentive model by directly linking rewards to the real-world performance of those assets being rated – this is an industry first. Ignite token holders are financially incentivised to rate assets honestly and appropriately, as the Ignite Index only takes positions in the platform’s most highly-rated assets.

The Ignite platform itself is built around trust and reputation – with all users working together to submit ratings content, and to curate the submissions of others. Ignite refers to those participating in the ratings process as the Ignite HIVE, which seems appropriate given the underlying ethos that all users work together collaboratively, combining their unique skills, opinions and investment methodologies to generate collective ratings scores.

One might ask how a process as complicated as ratings can be handled by a group of anonymous token holders – the solution is actually beautifully simple. The proprietary Ignite “Reputation Engine” handles member interactions within the platform, these interactions themselves being subject to peer review and rating by the community. In turn, each member receives a dynamic and real-time reputation score which determines the amount of influence he/she is able to have on any given rating – simply put, members with low reputation scores have less impact on the ratings process, while highly-reputable members have more influence. The result is a highly efficient self-moderating, self-regulating ecosystem and a platform which is resistant to collusion from those who would seek to “game” the system.

Ignite intends to records all material interactions with its platform on the blockchain, ensuring that all users’ activity is fully transparent and that all assets and trades have an audit trail stored directly on the blockchain itself. Ignite’s co-founder, Christopher Cousins, says “If a user is capable of making an investment decision, then they ought to be able to explain to others the reasons why they feel it will be a successful investment. I imagine we will see very interesting viewpoints from a wide demographic, with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets”.

As all members share the common goal of maximising gains, interests are fully aligned across the community to ensure that individuals rate well and rate honestly. The end result is a truly decentralised ratings and investment intelligence platform which, according to swarm theory, will provide superior returns for the Ignite Index, and prove a valuable source of reliable, real-time ratings information for the wider industry.

Ignite has already received significant seed funding and is partnered with Overstock’s tZERO and SpeedRoute to leverage cutting edge trading execution technology, never before seen in the blockchain space – an additional benefit that Ignite hopes to pass on to its contributors in the not-too-distant future.

Token Sale Details

  • Pre Sale – December 15th – December 22nd (discounts available)
  • ICO –January 15th – Feburary 28th (discounts available during the first 24 hours)

To participate in the ICO or to learn more about the Ignite Ratings platform, you can:

You can also view the Ignite Ratings whitepaper.

Company name: Ignite Ratings

Company site: https://igniteratings.com/

Company contacts: Damon Barnard

Email: damon@igniteratings.com

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