iCumulate – A New Era in Social Investing

iCumulate – A New Era in Social Investing

iCumulate is an industry changing Social Investment Trading Platform and Ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform combines all of the communication benefits of a social network with a revolutionary trade execution interface.

Meticulously designed from the ground up by industry professionals over the last 14 months, the project has attracted high retail interest. This week they announced their TokenSale.

iCumulate will be issuing their own utility token on Ethereum. It will be directly linked to the trading fees and services on the ecosystem. The token is called; ‘ICU’.

For the first-time users will be able to compare and invest in crypto assets directly against a FIAT base without the need to involve base crypto currencies, such as ETH or BTC and from one account, rather than having to split their funds and hold several exchange accounts.

With products such as FX and commodities also available on the platform, hybrid combinations such as Ether vs Gold, or Bitcoin vs Oil are now available for the first time. The addition of micro lot trading also makes investing affordable to everyone.

The core of the iCumulate social investment ecosystem is founded on the principle of combining modern social media communication behaviours and investment talent discovery.

Platform users can benefit from the skills and experience of the very top ranked investors by following or copying their portfolios. iCumulate have developed a blockchain based tokenized portfolio system to enable this process to be executed with all parties achieving identical performance for the first time in the industry.

Regular big prize investment competitions, an educational portal and a gateway for external content providers to offer services such as analysis, investment advice and automated trading systems are also included.

As CEO Angelos Diamantis notes: “The team we have put together is one of the most experienced in the professional electronic trading industry. Having the resources in-house to cover everything from algorithmic and risk modelling to legal and compliance frameworks has allowed the project to continue to break new ground with this industry changing product”

Angelos goes on to note: “We are so excited to finally be able to bring such a revolutionary product to market. Removing existing investment decision isolation by carrying social media behavioral habits into the investment world is going to be truly game-changing”

iCumulate is based in Gibraltar and will be one of the first companies to be fully regulated under the new world leading DLT regulatory framework there.

The 1-week Pre-Sale starts November 30th 2018, shortly followed by the 3-week Main-Sale which starts on December 10th 2018.

A working demo is available on the website allowing users and token sale participants to try out the functionality of the trading interface.

If you have any questions on the project, you are invited to join their telegram channel

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