Huobi Pro Meets And Exchanges At Midas Protocol ICO Office Huobi Pro Meets And Exchanges At Midas Protocol ICO Office

Midas Protocol, an emerging blockchain solutions company headquartered in Singapore, has met and discussed collaboration opportunities with Huobi Pro at Midas’ office in Hanoi, Vietnam. Huobi Pro, the world 4th largest crypto exchange, has been actively exploring investments and partnerships in Asia.

During the visit last Saturday, Huobi Pro representatives, led by Ms Wu Xing – Senior Director, received a thorough introduction of Midas Protocol and presented with the long-term vision of Midas Protocol platform.

As Midas Protocol aims to become the top player in its class, collaboration with world-leading organisations such as Huobi is an essential part of Midas’ partnership development. Huobi and Midas Protocol recognize the same disruptive values within cryptocurrency, and have a joint goal towards utilizing blockchain technology to positively impact the society at large.

Midas Protocol is a new ICO project, backed by Regulus Investment and Capital Holdings from Singapore. Their mission is to create “the smartest universal wallet for all essential crypto needs from safekeeping, intelligent trading, portfolio management, easy conversion and spending of cryptocurrencies.” For new cryptocurrency investors it can be a bit overwhelming and they must either rely on centralized exchanges to hold funds or figure out how to set up several wallets of their own. The first option relinquishes control of their cryptocurrencies and puts full trust in entities which have proven to be vulnerable, while the second approach requires some basic technical knowledge and juggling multiple wallet clients. Midas Protocol is launching a platform that will allow investors to buy, sell, exchange and spend a whole array of crypto-assets all under one place. It provides a universal tool which helps the average person without much technical knowledge can take part in this blockchain revolution.

The host of features offered by Midas is extensive, but some of the highlights include:

  • A wallet that store various types of cryptocurrencies
  • An intelligent platform for analysis and trading directly from Midas wallet, with highest security standard
  • Offer traders’ leaderboard to follow/copy trade
  • Spend cryptocurrencies on any E-commerce platform and local shop/kiosk that accept crypto payment directly from Midas Wallet
  • Provide AI-assisted curated news and market alerts Huobi Pro Meets And Exchanges At Midas Protocol ICO Office

With a combined 48 years of experience in blockchain solutions, crypto-trading and security, many core team members of Midas Protocol have played a leading role in existing cryptocurrency projects including TomoChain, Kyber Network, ZCoin, Bigbom, Kambria and NEM.

Dr. David Nguyen Vu, Midas Protocol’s Chairman & CFO, is concurrently Chairman of Regulus Investment and Capital Holdings. Dr. David is also President of Blockchain Intelligence Group (, and President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. He has been advisor to a number of ICOs such as Kambria, SuchApp or Bigbom.

Michael Chu, Midas CEO, was the Chief Cloud Architect at VCCloud (VCCorp) – one of the largest local cloud services in South East Asia, for 9 years before co-founding TomoChain – a successful blockchain project that recently completed their ICO. When asked why he decided to pursue the Midas Protocol project, Michael said:

Midas Protocol has been my brain-child project that I cherish for a long time. I want to create a top-of-its-class platform for traders & investors, which in turn would help [bring] the decentralization ideals closer to reality and more mainstream. Users will keep their cryptos in their wallet, not in CEX’s. To do that, they must have a much better system that allows them to trade/exchange/manage cryptos in a much [more] efficient and hassle-free way”.

Ngoc Nguyen, Midas Protocol’s CTO, possesses vast experience as a programmer, and is a core developer of Zcoin – a top 100 on CoinMarketCap as of May 2018. He also led the development of the 2nd most popular web browser in Vietnam, Cốc Cốc.

The remaining core team members, Phillip Phung (CMO) and Long Phan (COO) also bring a wealth of professional experience to the table.

Midas Protocol’s advisors team also comprises of accomplished individuals who could bring wealth of experience and expertise to the project. Victor Tran is the lead engineer and co-founder of Kyber Network. Dr. Long Vuong is the CEO and Co-founder for TomoChain and former project lead for NEM. Dr. Thuc Vu is an AI and algorithms expert currently leading Kambria, a decentralized AI and robotics platform. Giang Trinh, MBA and Nguyen Pham, MBA both hold executive positions in top investment firms.

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