Huge Bounty Program Announced by E – Commerce Platform Huge Bounty Program Announced by E – Commerce Platform

To promote the launch of the first feature-full blockchain-based e-commerce and e-payments platform, announces huge community development campaign which will consist of several different activities and reward pools.

Token Holders Promotion

This promotion is dedicated to our early token holders who obtained BCS tokens before actual mainnet release thus helping to make platform into reality. We will make ALL token holders snapshot at 15th of May 2018 and 200k tokens will be reserved for distribution between those token holders in the snapshot. Tokens will be rewarded proportionally to token holdings so 200k tokens will lead to ~60% reward given the current circulating supply of 332k tokens.

Note: It is obligatory for you to qualify for the reward. We ask you to write your feedback about platform (after mainnet release) in a free form at and send it to, don’t forget to specify your wallet address with BCS tokens. The qualification process is conditioned by regulators recommendations and team’s adherence to Customer Development approach. Your valuable feedback will be used to improve the platform and deliver better experience to all its users.

We will start sending rewards weekly after mainnet release and there will be no set deadline so feel free to qualify at your convenience. Sharing your personal experience in social media networks is very much appreciated.
Be sure that you hold tokens on personal wallets, exchange wallets are not supported.

Airdrop Campaign

10k tokens will be distributed for 1000 members randomly chosen from those who qualified. To qualify, follow instructions in bounty campaign channel:

We will determine 1000 people to receive 10 BCS tokens each with the help of website. For the process to be transparent, fair and verifiable, we will use the hash code of the first Ethereum block mined after 1:11 AM (UTC) 1st of June 2018 as a persistent random seed. Thus, every participant of the airdrop will be able to verify winners’ sequence itself.

We will start sending BCS tokens to its’ new lucky holders right after winning sequence is generated, June 1st.

Bounty Campaign

Bounty campaign fund of 100 ETH will be distributed between social media influencers. The following content will be accepted:
– Video review of the platform
– Video or text (with screenshots) introduction of platform
– Other content featuring, comparing it to other blockchain based competitors, introduction of BCS token functions, etc

Non-speculative content is expected, with actual observations of the platform’s functions and token usage after mainnet release.

To apply for the bounty campaign, send us your introduction to We will carefully consider all applications and choose several candidates to cooperate with.

About project aims to reinvent the way digital commerce and payments work today. Focusing on digital goods and services area project’s goal is to enhance it with fast-growing opportunities blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have to offer. In January 2018 hit hard cap of 2000 ETH at its token sale.

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