How Your ICO Can Get Our Money How Your ICO Can Get Our Money

Ask these 20+ funds managing $1 bln in assets

We counted there are 3 to 5 crypto events daily. Some make money on hype, some are about the ideas not practice. But if prepare an ICO, attending an event should not be something abstract. The event where you can’t have a real talk with the large investors is a time waste. If you can’t get access to the best legal practices it’s a time waste. And finally, if you can’t get both in a one place – it’s a time waste.

Get to the TimeCenter in New York on the 28th of March and meet the experts from Dentons, TechCrunch, CNBC, ICORating and over twenty crypto funds with total $1 bln in assets.

Who you will meet there:

Ari Lewis, co-founder of Grasshopper Capital, one of the first and noteworthy crypto hedge fund in the market, will share the knowledge on the prospects for the market, its trends and the best ways to invest.

John Fiorelli, Global Head of Advisory of Kenetic Capital, a fund with over $400 million assets under management, will tell about their advisory practice and what they’re seeing in the best projects and token sales.

Charles Gelinas, partner in Dentons’ Capital Markets, will tell all about preparation for your start-up beyond SEC considerations.

Louis Adimando of Praetorian Group, first official ICO to register its tokens with SEC, will speak about problem solving and regulation.

John Biggs, contributing writer at TechCrunch and founder of TokenReporter, will give his expert view on ICO marketing and perception by media.

And finally, ask the legendary Tim Seymour who has over 19 years of global and emerging markets investment experience as a hedge fund manager, trader and in capital markets, across multiple asset classes. His expertise is widely used by CNBC financial programmes.

ICORating Investment Summit starts at 9 am on Wednesday, March 28 at the TimeCenter in New York. Book your seat at the event with a 30% discount using promo code “СT”. Only a hundred tickets available.

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