How XMaterials Is Creating the Future of Green Building Materials

How XMaterials Is Creating the Future of Green Building Materials

XMaterials (XMAT), a building and construction materials ICO, has announced that it will be launching its Presale beginning on September 25th, 2018. Each XMAT token will be priced at $0.105 without bonuses. The starting bonus during the presale is 25%.

What is XMaterials?

XMaterials is poised to disrupt the $600 billion building materials industry with patent-pending AI and machine learning technology.

Using algorithms that combine and optimize millions of combinations of raw materials on a near-molecular level, the XMaterials team were able to create materials that were:

  • Stronger,
  • More affordable,
  • Faster-setting,
  • Longer-lasting, and
  • More eco-friendly.

Disrupting a $600 billion industry

Concrete is a $300 billion per annum industry, yet the field is riddled with outdated technology and mixing recipes that haven’t been updated in centuries.

Ceramics, on the other hand, are worth over $200 billion per annum and rely on even older recipes.

Then there’s marble and granite, which need be extracted from the earth with costly machinery.

The major issue with the building materials industry as a whole is that it has failed to evolve in a cost-affordable, intelligent, eco-friendly way. It has not kept up with modern technology, and that is why XMaterials was founded.

A greener way to build our cities

Many people may not be aware that the production of everyday materials like concrete actually leaves a heavy carbon footprint. XMaterials can form green, concrete-like replacements. This innovation alone could transform the way we build our roads, buildings, homes, etc.

XMaterials can also be made with certain waste materials, which may eventually lead to many more opportunities for scalable recycling and waste reduction. When combined with the fact that XMaterials are stronger and more durable than traditional building materials, the waste and pollution reduction potential is hard to ignore.

Finally, with a factory of just 5 skilled engineers, XMaterials factories can accomplish what would have once taken 31 workers and a lot more manual labor.

In their first year of business, XMaterials is already generating over $2 million in revenue. But the demand for XMaterials is too great for just one business to adequately meet.

A franchise model to share with the world

In order to meet the supply and demand gap for its enhanced building materials, XMaterials has decided to decentralize its technology so that other building and construction companies that wish to enhance their products can become XMaterials franchisees.

In this manner, XMaterials will aggregate and analyze the production data collected from all of its franchises in order to improve its recipes and processes.

Additionally, all XMAT token holders will be able to:

  • Purchase the technology stack and franchise rights at a 25% discount
  • Receive at least 15% of all profits derived from the royalties XMaterials receives from franchises

To learn more about the XMaterials ICO beginning September 25th, please visit a website.

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