How Ubex Uses Blockchain to Disrupt the Advertising Market How Ubex Uses Blockchain to Disrupt the Advertising Market

Cupertino, CA – Ubex is looking to drastically change the digital marketing global industry which earned $229 billion in 2017 and will reach a stunning $335 billion in 2020. They will do so using a innovate new technology called blockchain. In recent years the digital marketing industry turned its eye to blockchain technology that can potentially alleviate or solve many of the issues present in the space today.

The blockchain is currently taking the financial sector by storm. 14% of financial market institutions plan to implement blockchain-based services, and these rates are expected to reach 65% by 2020. Digital marketing will follow the financial sector, and Ubex, who utilizes unique blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to provide innovative solutions for advertisers, publishers, and consumers will be at the forefront of the revolution.

Ubex solves many of the problems in the digital marketing space today. One of these issues is targeting. The Ubex platform utilizes a programmatic approach to user data to improve targeting. Behavioral and socio-demographic data of users is analyzed to conduct a transaction. This allows for improvement of targeting, and will let advertisers buy slots for demographics instead of website locations.

The potential of programmatic algorithms is immense. At the same time, this potential cannot be realized fully without the introduction of blockchain technologies and neural networks. Therefore, the emergence of Ubex will be a catalyst for the growth of the software market and digital-advertising in general

With blockchain technology developed by Ubex, consumer data will be better protected because of the added security incorporated into blockchain technology. Blockchain allows different parties to enter into a transaction without confiding in one another by using a consensus mechanism. As each block is added to the next an irreversible chain is created, showing each action from beginning to end transparently and securely.

Additionally, this technology allows for smart contracts to be executed by the Ubex blockchain technology. For instance, it could prohibit disclosure of geographic information about the user without authorization if it is stipulated by the system. Moreover, customers may sell their personal information to interested companies. This can address the privacy issues brought up in the Facebook trials.

The blockchain can help effectively switch to a model of payment for targeted actions. Blockchain allows the implementation of: (1) tracking of target actions and their saving in a database transparent for all participants, (2) creating a trusted reputation rating (3) creating mechanisms for guaranteeing mutual settlements, (4) tokenization of ad slots for publishers and factoring centers for advertisers, (5) distributed data mining for consumer-related information.

Click fraud is a type of fraud which is widely spread in pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising. The publishers that post the ads are paid based on how many visitors to the sites click on the ads. Fraud occurs when a fake user imitates a real visitor by clicking on an ad just to increase the click through rate. Advertising networks are the ultimate beneficiaries of this type of fraud.

Ubex solves the fraud problem by applying blockchain technology and pay-per-action model to track down different actions starting from a website user registration, leaving contact information and finishing with purchasing products.

Under the cost per action model, advertisers do not pay publishers for any activities other than those required by the smart contract. The publisher is not motivated to participate in fraud schemes.

Ubex tracks all user actions on the publisher’s and advertiser’s site and saves all data on the blockchain. Ubex’s blockchain model is transparent and encrypted. Companies can easily identify if the people viewing their ads are members of their targeted audience.

Blockchain technology marks a new era in digital marketing that will bring efficiency, less risk and more trust among players. Those players who are incorporating Ubex blockchain solutions in their digital marketing supply chain will outperform their competitors by a mile. Through tokenization and AI, Ubex is one of the most exciting new projects in the blockchain ecosystem.

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