How to Ensure Support for Tokens on the Open Market in Hamster Marketplace’s Experience How to Ensure Support for Tokens on the Open Market

The token value on the exchanges after the crowdsale ends is a thorn in the side of almost every project. Established practices in this domain assume that a portion of the tokens will be distributed among the team, bounty hunters, and private buyers. Most often, this results in the value of the token falling well below the nominal value after the crowdsale concludes, until the next bit of positive news in the form of the project’s launch.

The Hamster Marketplace team has devoted a fair deal of time to analyzing existing practices in supporting the token exchange rate and reactions to such measures from the community. First of all, we are prepared to use exchange tools to stabilize the exchange rate and prevent short-term speculative trends. On a classic stock exchange, such tools are referred to as “market-making.” Cryptocurrency does not have this term, but it has similar mechanisms, which make it possible to take the fate of a token’s exchange rate out of the hands of speculators, whose goals are far removed from the goals of the token holders and project creators.

In addition, we have developed an entire series of measures that would ensure sufficiently fair conditions for all types of HMT token buyers, both major investors and average holders.

Reconsidering the Mechanism for Bounty Hunter Payouts
For any project, a bounty program is a relatively cheap and effective way to achieve the established goal. In established practice, bounty hunters are paid for their work in the project’s own tokens. As a result, in the first few days of sales the bounty hunters “offload” their tokens before the exchange rate “craters,” since their goal was not to support the project, but to quickly earn money.

The Hamster Marketplace team has reviewed this approach and developed a new solution, which would avoid the downward pressure on the market price for HMT from participants in the bounty program. Specifically, we offer bounty hunters two payout models: in tokens or immediately in fiat currency (converted according to the nominal exchange rate). There is an important caveat to this system: if the token option is chosen, the tokens will be frozen. This means that the tokens may only be sold on the exchange after the project’s public beta launch or 9 months after the primary crowdsale round concludes.

Freezing the Tokens of Project Creators and Early Investors
According to the project’s White Paper, the share of the total tokens sold during the crowdsale that goes to Hamster Marketplace’s early investors, team, and founders is 27%, the share for advisors is 1%, and up to 2% for bounty hunters. Holders of HMT may only use their tokens 9 months after the crowdsale concludes, or if the public beta launches before that time. Until that time, they will be physically excluded from trading on the exchanges.

Accelerated Development
The launch of a product’s alpha or beta version has an explosive effect and results in manifold increases in the token’s exchange rate. In our case, we were able to learn from the experience of our advisor Rinat Arslanov. After the ICO of his project Revain, the token’s value hovered around $0.07-0.1 (with a nominal rate of 1 R = 0.0001 BTC). But after the launch of the first alpha version and the subsequent updates to the platform, the value of the R token soared to $2.3-2.7 at its peak and stabilized at about $1.6-1.7.

In addition to the team involved in conducting the crowdsale and raising funds, we already have a fully-fledged development team with an impressive portfolio. This team is already working on creating the alpha version of the marketplace and is preparing to launch it within the next 5 months. If this rate of development continues, the public beta will launch slightly ahead of the Road Map timeline, early in the 4th quarter of 2018.

Post-Marketing and Active Work with the Target Audience
Another aspect that puts downward pressure on the token value is the media silence after fundraising ends. To be fully prepared for the beta version, we have to work to attract our target audience throughout the development period, as well as during the platform’s existence. We have assembled a complete team of experts to do this, a marketing plan to promote and bring attention to the platform, and, of course, a budget.

Integrating HMT in the Project’s Financial Mechanics
According to the platform’s model, the HMT token will be integrated into the marketplace’s mechanics, which will ensure constant organic demand. In Hamster Marketplace’s case, the HMT token will be a fully-functional internal currency, and it will be advantageous to use this particular token to pay for certain internal vendor services at the established internal exchange rate. This will ensure constant growth of demand for the token and therefore have a positive effect on its value.

We will discuss how exactly the HMT token will operate within the decentralized retail platform Hamster Marketplace in our next post.

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