Horizon Communications, an ICO Building Telecommunication Infrastructure, Is Now Live

block.news Horizon Communications, an ICO Building Telecommunication Infrastructure, Is Now Live

Horizon Communications is a ISP startup based in Bermuda. The company plans to deploy a wireless state-of-the-art internet solution in the Caribbean, South and Central America, with an ambitious plan to deploy their services worldwide. Their aim is to provide high speed internet and cell phone services to replace obsolete equipment and technology that is easily disrupted by natural disasters and suffers from aging copper and cable infrastructure.These legacy networks are no longer economically viable.

Communities around the world are plagued with expensive and slow internet and cellular services, which makes Horizon’s plans to provide much faster, reliable services unique in the ICO space. Very few, if any ICO’s are looking to build infrastructure to service a real need in the market.

The HRZN Token will be the only form of payment for the customer, with Horizon building a web portal for customers that will include fiat to HRZN Token exchanges to be as easy and seamless as possible. Horizon will also be incorporating partner technologies in the blockchain space into its customer portal, allowing a new level of blockchain adoption that has yet to hit the mainstream.

The company’s Founder and CEO, Mr Gilbert Darrell recently announced the soft launch of the ICO with the pre-sale starting April 1st. The company has been working around the clock to ensure a seamless delivery for the pre-sale. One of the collaborations they have made is the integration of Coingate, a cryptocurrency processor that supports up to fifty digital currencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Mr Darrell said that with Coingate, non technical investors would be able to purchase the Horizon token easily since the platform is user friendly.

With the Horizon ICO launch in view, it ushers in a new era for the people of Bermuda, Horizon’s headquarters and the Caribbean who have been beleaguered by slow internet services due to ageing and outdated equipment. It also heralds a class of cryptocurrency participation that gives investors more than a token, as the HRZN Token is underpinned by the customers in its telecommunications network buying internet, cell phone, VoIP and IPTV services. Horizon estimates that total yearly gross income from its services may approach $100m USD in 5 years, as it expands.

One phenomenon that seemed to have been absent in many ICOs was the ability to actually provide a solution or deliver products which solved the needs of its customers. It is obvious that aside from moving cryptocurrencies around, many projects rarely solve problems affecting people and the services they require. This is the reason Horizon vision has stood out amongst crypto enthusiasts and why there is an such a strong interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

The company’s release said that interested investors should visit the company website at https://www.horizoncomm.co/ to buy the HRZN Token and learn more about the company.

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