Hold or Save? 20% Extra Coins is Offered to Cryto Believers by CoinTiger!

Hold or Save? 20% Extra Coins is Offered to Cryto Believers by CoinTiger!

The total cryptocurrency market value has shrunk by 80%+ since the peak in 2017. Throughout crypto history, it’s not the first time to experience the price collapse, and the market value will reach a new high level almost every time after that. With the faith that Bitcoin will reach a new high, many cryptocurrency believers choose to hold crypto assets for the long-term until the next bull market comes. Now, here comes a better opportunity to increase your crypto assets than just holding it and waiting for a pump.

Bitcoin price in the history

Recently, CoinTiger, the top 30 crypto exchange in the world, has launched its crypto assets investment product – TIGERBank. In addition to the previously lauched “Steady Growth Fund”, CoinTiger has now launched Fixed Income products. For details about it, please click this link: CoinTiger Fixed Income products.

CoinTiger has launched Fixed Income products

The Fixed Income product offers two options to meet different crypto holders’s needs: ‘Monthly Yield Growth’ and ‘Fixed Rate’.

  • Monthly Yield Growth is designed with flexible period and monthly growth rate. It starts with an annual yield of 8% for the first month, and 2% increase by month, which means the longer you save, the higher earnings you will gain. The maximum rate will reach 20% if you save your coins by 6 months or more. For example, If you plan to invest 10BTC in Monthly Yield Growth in Nov., then you will get 10BTC *0.08/365*30=0.0657BTC earnings in Nov., and you will get 10BTC *0.08/365*30+10BTC*0.1/365*31=0.1506BTC earnings in total till Dec. and so on.
  • Fixed Rate is designed with fixed period and fixed rate. Users could save their crypto assets with a fixed period(60/120 days) and a fixed rate, and the principal & interest will be paid after the expiration. For example, If you plan to invest 10BTC in Fixed Rate (BTC-120days) in Jan., then you will get (10BTC *0.15/365*120=0.4931BTC) earnings in May.

The Fixed Income product is definitely an ideal investment product for crypto holders in the bear market, with following advantages:

  • Multiple crypto assets accepted: The mainstream coins – BitCNY, USDT and BTC are all accepted, you can deposit any of them to get fixed income on CoinTiger.
  • High earning and low risk: The principal and interests are guaranteed. The longer you save, the higher earnings you will gain.
  • Mutiple choices for different investors: Investors can choose different coin type (BitCNY/USDT/BTC), different period(30/60/120 days) and different rates based on their different needs. Monthly Yield Growth subscribers have a chance to decide whether to continue or withdraw at the end of each month.
  • Unique Benefit for novice: the first-time subscribers can get a 7-Day Experience Voucher and will get annual yield of 16% for the first 7-day investment.

For more details about the above two kinds of Fixed Income products, please click this following link: IGER Bank investment tutorial.

About CoinTiger

The CoinTiger platform is a global and innovative crypto asset exchange that provides multi-cryptocurrency trading services in multi-language to blockchain enthusiasts around the world.

Since its launch on November 15, 2017, this has been repeated as a steady increase, so that today, CoinTiger has an increasingly mature ecosystem, consisting of web, iOS and Android client applications, and comprehensive exchange services including trading crypto currency, Ticker Capital, Labs, IEO, and voting for listing program.

Currently, CoinTiger users have reached 1.3 million from more than 40 countries and cover regions in Asia, North America, Africa and Europe.

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