HIREMATCH, Creator of the World’s First Blockchain Job Recruitment Platform, Burns 22,200,000 Million Tokens

block.news HIREMATCH, Creator of the World’s First Blockchain Job Recruitment Platform, Burns 22,200,000 Million Tokens

SUNNYDALE, CA. – HIREMATCH.IO, creator of the world’s first Blockchain job recruitment platform, announced today that it would burn 22,200,000 million tokens (22%) of the total 100,000,000 total tokens, rather than returning them to the company.

“The market has responded very positively to our decision to destroy any unsold tokens, It was the right thing to do, to honor the commitment of early contributors,” says Armando Pantoja, HIREMATCH’s chief architect. “We’re very excited about the outlook for HIREMATCH and its token and a larger market adoption and Use.”

HIREMATCH.IO made the resolution in response to requests from its large community of investors. HIREMATCH.IO stated that the destruction of these tokens is the fairest and most rational way to honor the commitment of early contributors to the ICO by eliminating a potential flood of tokens in the marketplace.

HIREMATCH.IO has sold nearly 30 million HIRE Tokens during its crowdsale. Proceeds from the sale will be used to develop and market HIREMATCH.IO’s blockchain-based recruitment platform.

“The (HIRE) token is a game changer for the recruiting industry, and it will be a big win for our recruiters, the global recruiter community, and anyone who offers a product or service centered on the job market,” Michael Woloshin, president and CEO of Recruiter.com said. “The coin will allow recruiters, HR managers, and job seekers to transact placement fees in real time around the world. This creative application of cryptocurrency to the recruiting industry will help bring a new level of transparency and trust to business partners and platform providers.”

The company’s mission is to make jobs more accessible and affordable by streamlining and automating the recruitment process. Using smart contracts and the company’s HIRE token, HIREMATCH.IO incentivizes API users called “Agents” to create server applications, websites and mobile applications to find, verify and submit candidates to job, HIREMATCH.IO is also creating a great opportunity for employers and recruiters to find the absolute best talent to fill open jobs.

“Crowdsourcing the hiring process should increase the creative and competitive spirit of people all over the world, enabling them to solve big problems as well as small ones. By tokenizing and decentralising the recruitment process, HireMatch.io shall effectively lower the resource acquisition cost and create a more democratic and freer job market.” says Chad Kettering, HIREMATCH’s chief marketing officer.

Aspiring to be the Uber of the recruitment industry, HIREMATCH.IO has partnered with Recruiter.com, one of the biggest recruitment sites in the world to be the first “Agent” to find talent for open positions placed through the HIREMATCH.IO platform.

For more information please see: http://www.hirematch.io. Or join the HIREMATCH conversation on https://t.me/Hirematchico.

About HireMatch: HireMatch has a mission to revolutionize and disrupt the recruitment industry by improving the quality of current job marketplaces, reducing costs across the board, and increasing the liquidity and availability of talent. Via our (HIRE) token, we will implement a democratization of the job market. By using and applying this platform, agents will receive rewards in the form of (HIRE) tokens, giving power back to the people and shifting it away from large corporate job boards. Our ultimate goal isn’t to compete directly with other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, but rather to provide a solution and support for the current complicated payment structures within the job board and recruitment industries.

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