HetaChain Evolves Its Strategy to Become One of the Biggest Technology Blockchain Hubs

HetaChain Evolves Its Strategy to Become One of the Biggest Technology Blockchain Hubs

January 6, 2019, Dubai – Empowered by AI and focusing on being a leader in blockchain technology, HetaChain announced the new approach and strategy the company will follow, a strategy that will add a lot to the world where HetaChain company with Relam Investment will create a new attractive atmosphere in which technology will lead all its factors.

The new ecosystem in HetaChain will empower and enrich various communities and organization and will be designed to serve various sectors — such as culture, tourism, economics, trade and industrial, sports and education, real estate and commercial, oil and natural gas, health care, technology and energy, F & B retail, water and agriculture, etc. — cater to different business opportunities and sectors.

Through Relam Investment, HetaChain will not only invest in its technologies but will also invest and support other technology companies willing to work with our ecosystem. This will create a dynamic investment method and proactive, creative ecosystem in various sectors and will boost the economy internationally.

In addition, the private sale investors in HetaChain prefer and support the new ecosystem that HetaChain wants to develop. They also support the idea in moving the focus into the development of technology platforms, and HetaChain won’t only be a tool used for electronic money transactions. This will reduce the impact of the community and the downturn in the pre-algorithm market.

Moreover, HetaChain noticed through its public sale that the sales were not up to the plan. The HetaChain organization decided to award public sale buyers the HETA tokens they bought, refund their payments, and transfer all the awarded tokens to the buyers’ wallets within the month of January.

About HetaChain

HetaChain is a third-generation blockchain technology invested by Relam Investment LLC, an international investment company headquartered in Dubai. The HetaChain ecosystem consists of HETA coin, HETA wallets, smart contracts, HETA app store and blockchain feature-enablers that enhance its applicability and make it the most revolutionary technology in its class. HetaChain is incorporated in the Cayman Islands with corporate, operations, and technical teams based out of their offices in the Cayman Islands.

About Relam Investment

Relam Investment LLC was founded in 2018 through a partnership between Vault Investments LLC, a diversified investment company established in 2012, based in Dubai, and MIG Holdings, an investment group based in Vietnam, to take both companies exposure to wider investment opportunities and increase the scope of investments geographically through a diversified sector investment approach. Relam now focuses on investments in Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, India, United Kingdom, Turkey, Egypt, along with big interest in growth in the Far East, South East Asia, and the Americas.

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