Hashtoro Overview: Cheap and Profitable Cloud Mining

Hashtoro Overview: Cheap and Profitable Cloud Mining

Mining in the time of crisis

Recent ups and downs of the crypto market strongly affected the mining industry. With the rate of Bitcoin dropping almost by half after the sharp rise in December, individual miners with consumer-level hardware couldn’t keep up with the pace anymore. It is one of the reasons why cloud mining providers have been a popular choice lately – especially when it comes to mining the world’s most wanted cryptocurrencies.

Cloud-based mining is an easy and fast way to get access to industrial-grade mining without having to buy, maintain and upgrade expensive equipment, or deal with high levels of noise and heat. Users rent the computing power they need, while all the technical issues are handled by the leaser.

As the demand for cloud mining rose, the number of cloud mining companies also started to increase. With time, some turned out to be straightforward scams, some honestly went bankrupt, unable to deal with the enormous expenses on electricity. Those that survived and prospered – and those that are emerging now – have to acknowledge the fact that can be a massive blow to one’s wallet and our ecology. According to estimates of economist Alex de Vries, at the moment the Bitcoin network alone consumes as much power as Ireland does. Given the amounts of energy needed to power hash calculations, an inventive approach is called for.

New approach to cloud mining

Hashtoro, a cloud service aimed at mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, is a new generation solution created by industry professionals. Launched in May 2018, the project has been so successful that three months later it announced limiting contracts due to high demand. What’s the secret? There’s none. Hashtoro has been openly sharing its recipe of prosperity in the midst of the crisis that the crypto world is facing today: almost the new mining philosophy.

“The key to creating a profitable cloud mining service is minimizing the costs. Our approach is based on three E’s: easy, efficient, eco-friendly. Careful choice of farm locations and use of clean energy allowed us to save both money and resources, and offer cheap contracts with a low maintenance fee. We make mining more accessible than ever”, – says Alexander Petersons, Hashtoro’s product director.

Hashtoro is the first “green” cloud mining service. The mining farms are located in ecologically progressive, crypto-friendly European countries and fully powered by renewable energy sources. “Even the excess heat produced by our equipment is put to use – it warms the water for the local community”, – adds Alexander.

Hashtoro: main features of the service

The main features of Hashtoro mining service are:

  • instant activation,
  • cheap cloud mining plans,
  • user-friendly interface with detailed statistics,
  • neural network system designed to increase miner’s profits,
  • newest equipment,
  • reliable security protocols and 256-bit encryption,
  • a cold purse for coin storage,
  • fast and safe withdrawal.

Hashtoro places cloud mining literally a few clicks away from the end user. There is no need for big investments: 20 euro is the minimal amount required to enter the system. The setup is quick and easy: it’s possible to start mining right after making the payment.

Efficiency is key in making profit from mining popular coins. Hashtoro’s farms are equipped with cutting-edge Bitmain ASIC miners. Today more and more experts are agreeing on the fact that ASIC miners remains the most effective tool in the market and provide better protection from 51% attacks. Furthermore, the company has announced that in the nearest future it will start developing their own ASIC chip. According to R&D’s estimates, it will give an increase to mining efficiency.

The mining process is controlled by a neural network that picks the optimal tactics: for example, it dynamically switches to mining the coin which is most profitable to mine at the moment. At the end of the day, all the mined coins are automatically converted to the cryptocurrency chosen by the user. Tests performed by Hashtoro show that this strategy gives 10% more profit. User balance, revenue forecast, and real-time statistics are available at the Dashboard 24/7.

Safety concerns

When Bitcoin price skyrocketed in 2017, the number of cyber-fraud cases increased. The possibility of easy profits at others’ expense attracted the attention of numerous scammers and fraudsters. Since cloud-based mining services let through large flows of funds every day and store highly sensitive user information – such as payment details – they require a high level of information security and decent protection from data leaks.

Hashtoro seriously approached the issue of security, offering a high-level digital and physical security.  The mined coins are stored safely on a cold offline purse. All the user information is protected by 256-bit encryption. Hashtoro’s data storage is PCI-DSS-certified, which means that it meets the highest standards of payment industry security. A two-factor authorisation, regular website scans, and 48-hour payout delay provide even more safety for user funds.


At this moment, Hashtoro doesn’t just offer the cheapest cloud mining contracts in the market, it also contributes to ecological awareness. As mindfulness is trending in the world, and the developed countries strive for preservation of the environment, going green looks like a proper next step for modern technologies, such as blockchain.

Intuitive interface, high level of safety and smart interactive mining system based on neural networks technologies all make Hashtoro a good choice both for the first time and more experienced users. It is an easy, safe and ecologically responsible way to try cryptocurrency mining or further expand one’s portfolio.

For more information about Hashtoro, please visit the official website.

Company name: Hashtoro

Company site: hashtoro.com

Company contacts: pressa@drofa-ra.com

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