Greenergy – Ecologically, Sustainable, Revolutionary

Greenergy - Ecologically, Sustainable, Revolutionary

Environmental Protection with Crypto Currencies? – Greenergy!

06/15/2018 – Greenergy is a start-up with the vision and mission to revolutionize the energy supply market. The integration of the blockchain technology as the cornerstone of our Greenergy business concept will make this change possible. We aim to renew obsolete structures of the energy supply market and replace them with ultramodern technologies that perfectly fit in our digitalized world.

The Pre ICO phase has started and we are pleased to announce our cooperation with the independent energy supply platform emondo. The Luxembourgian company aims to supply retail customers Europe-wide with electricity from renewable sources and environmentally friendly gas of premium quality. It will soon be possible to pay energy consumption bills on their platform by using Greenergy token (GNRG).

Our ICO-advisor Windströöm delivers 100% pure sustainable wind power for retail and business customers all over Germany. The climate neutral energy is purchased on the direct marketing platform Nordgröön, where generators from Schleswig-Holstein directly sell their solely in wind parks produced energy.

By using our Greenergy token, customers do not need to rely on banks anymore to send payments. With GNRG, everybody is able to pay bills independently online without the need for a third party. Fast, smart and safe.

The amount of GNRG is limited to 300.000.000 tokens which can be purchased during the ICO:

  • Week 1-2: PRE-ICO phase, beginning June 15, 2018: 25 % Bonus / 60 Mio. Cap / 20% of GNRG tokens
  • Week 3-End: ICO Phase, beginning July 01, 2018: 150 Mio. Cap / 50% of GNRG tokens
  • Company tokens: 90 Mio. / 30% of GNRG tokens.

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