Gorgona.io / The New Odyssey in Crypto Investments

Gorgona.io / The New Odyssey in Crypto Investments

In the last several months, a lot of projects based on smart-contracts, which offer 3-5% daily return on your investment, have appeared.

Some of them have collected amounts measured in the millions of dollars in a fairly short period of time.

Such projects are built on Ethereum smart-contracts and a key feature of them is a complete rejection of ownership and high income. By publishing a smart contract on a network, project owners no longer affect the progress of day-to-day work. The smart-contract lives its own life.

This phenomenon has become quite popular and the internet is filled with ads for those kinds of projects. YouTube bloggers are screaming about new projects, about their potential profits, and so on.

It is necessary to understand that that projects do their work by operating a Ponzi-scheme. But they openly declare it and do not hesitate to call themselves “pyramids”.

In theory, this kind of behavior is a very interesting trend in the blockchain community. If you look at them more carefully – they can be profitable. But only in the case that the code of the smart-contract is open-source and does not have any “backdoors” through which the owners could steal all of a users’ investments. In essence, you have a deal with a computer, which agrees to pay you, as long as the smart-contract has Ethereum on its balance.

How to estimate your profit

The most important thing to understand here is, how long does the smart-contract need to fulfill its obligations? An indicator of that can be the estimation of how long the contract would nominally (without any investments) pay in the past.

As an example, first of all, let’s imagine a project which can nominally pay dividends only for 20 days, but where to return your investment you need exactly 30 days. In direct estimation, it is obvious that you will lose your money.

And now, let’s do that estimation according to the past. 3 weeks ago the smart-contract had a “safety margin” of 25 days, and yesterday it was 22. You see, it’s a completely different measurement. That kind of trend could indicate that the smart-contract will work for a long time.


We want to tell you about that kind of project – Gorgona.io. A smart-contract which pays you 3% daily at 10:00 GMT.

The code is open-source, and the smart-contract has already passed all independent audits. Its website is user friendly and provides as much information as possible, including your full investment portfolio. Also, we should mention that their support is open, fast, and very polite.

Ok, now, let’s see how our estimation looks in the case of Gorgona.

  • 3 weeks ago, in the early beginning, its “safety margin” was about 24 days.
  • 2 weeks ago, it was 22 days.
  • A week ago – 21 days.

If this trend continues, then the estimated duration of the project will pass 2-3 months to allow all participants to get their income.

Participation in such a project is akin to playing roulette. The risks are very high, but the chance to significantly increase your balance is the same.

For those who love this feeling, we advise you to take a closer look at gorgona.io. This project has the most favorable situation so far, and it’s growth is smooth, as well as constant. Who knows, maybe this is the first project that will be able to work for a considerable amount of time!

Who wants to play on their nerves, and probably make some good money, are welcome to use Gorgona.io. Who knows? Maybe you will become a new Perseus in the new Odyssey!



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