GANA Technologies Offers 10% Bonus for Joining Cannabis Industry Revolution

GANA Technologies Offers 10% Bonus for Joining Cannabis Industry Revolution

In May, GANA Technologies, introducing how to adopt artificial intelligence technology to the cannabis industry, announced the start of its token public sale. However, there is still the chance to get 10% bonus even during the core sale. The project team offers you the opportunity to get more tokens if you join the ICO before 15,000 ETH raised.

ICO progress is available in real time mode at the main site, where a graph shows how many ETH is raised. This way you can check what percent of bonus you can get at the current stage.

Bonus rate is granted according to the following logic:

• Public sale (Round 1) 12.5% 1ETH = 22,000 GANA (10% bonus) | Hard cap = 15,000 ETH
• Public sale (Round 2) 12.5% 1ETH = 21,000 GANA (5% bonus) | Hard cap = 15,000 ETH
• Public sale (Round 3) 12.5% 1ETH = 20,500 GANA (2.5% bonus) | Hard cap = 15,000 ETH
• Public sale (Round 4) 4.2% 1ETH = 20,000 GANA (0% bonus) | Hard cap = 5,000 ETH

GANA ecosystem

GANA aims to create a broad cannabis ecosystem where tokens will be given to customers who bought products with GANA certificate. They will be able to buy movies, music, digital contents, recommended products through the mobile application.

Users will get GANA tokens by providing their information about the purpose of using the cannabis, profile, medical history and taste. GANA personalized data collection information will be integrated with the data collected from the partners and will be used for conducting researches for cannabis users.

The utilization scope of GANA token will expand as the developers launch their service. The project is planning to build an ecosystem where GANA token can be used in all the processes from production to personal health care.

About the company

GANA uses blockchain and AI technology to bring the cannabis industry to the next step. The blockchain is used for the purpose of transparent data management which used for providing valuable information for both the consumer and companies.

GANA provides quality authentication system and business intelligence platform. The final goal is to provide an artificial intelligence based personal assistance service to cannabis users. By doing so, GANA will become the biggest data holder in the cannabis industry. The GANA technology platform will be useful for consumers, growers, distributors, contents and product makers, research institutions, and marketing firms.

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