Game Dapps Portal Launching: Stats, Honest Descriptions and Technical Explanations for Gamers

Game Dapps Portal Launching

A self-proclaimed “project to spearhead video game decentralization”, is launching, equipped with technical explanations, game stats, chat and descriptions for over 400 games. It will later on be releasing a rich toolbox for market data analysis, game reviews and a rating system. The team hopes that a critical, deep-level description of the game dapp industry can educate gamers, and pressure developers to raise the standards of quality and ethics for blockchain games.

Gamenculus game dapps portal claims that by becoming the top provider of objective, rich information about the industry products and players, it will be filling a niche in the currently chaotic game dapp market.

“The truth is, the game dapps world is chaos right now” says the team. “With pyramid schemes, ghost dev teams, and honestly, pretty dull, half-baked gameplay, we’re still far from achieving the dream of decentralizing the video game industry. We believe high quality video game decentralization will become a reality – but it’ll need some pushing along the way, and if nobody else is doing it, we will”.

Gameunculus is fighting hard to get blockchain game quality on par with that of centralized games – and then beyond. Join the fight; become a part of the gameunculus community at the web.

Company name: Gameunculus

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