FuzeX Partners with Bitcoin.com – Adds BCH to FuzeX Cards, Drops BTC

FuzeX Partners with Bitcoin.com

Global cryptocurrency payment card project FuzeX revealed today (23rd) that they signed a partnership with Bitcoin.com, thereby adding Bitcoin Cash to the FuzeX card.

FuzeX official stated that “Considering the issues of transaction speed and fee, we decided that Bitcoin Core did not fit the philosophy of FuzeX. So we decided to drop BTC and replace it with Bitcoin Cash, which has a much faster transaction speed and a cheaper transaction fee.”

Bitcoin Cash, which came into the world last August, was created to solve the scaling problem of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is now widely regarded as the go-to cryptocurrency in terms of real life usage, as it provides a fast, cheap and reliable method of payment.

Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com said “We are happy that this partnership will help Bitcoin Cash lovers all around the world use BCH as an everyday currency. Bitcoin Core, which is more expensive, slower and less reliable is thus unusable in the FuzeX payment system. It will be dropped and replaced by BCH as the base currency on the platform. Furthermore, we are going to cooperate with FuzeX in an effort to continue coming up with win-win situations for all users.

BrilliantTS CEO and FuzeX project leader Jaehun Bae said “We are happy to announce the partnership. With the help of Bitcoin.com, we will be able to provide a useful and pragmatic payment service. We are going to work with Bitcoin.com to bring about interesting projects that can help cryptocurrencies be used in the real world.”

FuzeX is the first company in the world to provide a physical crypto-payment card on which the users can check their balance in real-time. Their card will be released this Q3 and be purchasable via FuzeX’s token ‘FXT’. FXT is currently purchasable at HitBTC, corbinhood, Coss.io, and livecoin.net.

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