Follow Coin Makes Cryptocurrencies Accessible to Everyone Follow Coin Makes Cryptocurrencies Accessible to Everyone

Amsterdam – Friday, October 27th: Public token sale for the new crypto platform opens.

On Friday, October 27th at 6 pm (CEST), the Amsterdam based company Follow Coin opens its so-called token sale or ICO. The token sale will run for a total of 28 days (4 weeks) and hopes to raise a total of 49,000 Ether (ETH). The purpose of this action is to raise funds for a new user-friendly cryptoplatform that will make the world of cryptocurrencies accessible to a larger public.

Cryptocurrencies are hot at this moment. As the coins keep rising in value it attracts more and more people. Yet negative news, enormous price volatility and a lack of proper tools scares a lot of people off. Follow Coin wants to connect beginning traders with experienced traders who have been active in this business for years. The platform will be easy to use and allows beginning traders to follow Influencers, and to trade just like them. With a simple notification in the app, the Influencers inform their followers when to buy and sell which currency.

Follow Coin was founded by the entrepreneur Thomas van der Bijl. Driven by the idea that cryptocurrencies are the future, this early adopter decided to put everything in place to make this fascinating world accessible to more people.

Company name: Follow Coin BV

Company site:

Company contacts:

CEO: Thomas van der Bijl

CTO: Joren Frielink

CCO: Jan Kras


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