First Cryptocurrency with an Encrypted Reference Line Can Now Be Traded (RECO) First Cryptocurrency with an Encrypted Reference Line Can Now Be Traded (RECO)

A new cryptocurrency has recently become available. It is called RECO, which stands for “reference line coin”. It is the first cryptocurrency that offers the ability to send the recipient an encrypted reference line when making transactions. “This is unique and new,” says Christian Kassler, developer of the RECO cryptocurrency and co-owner of CAD-KAS Computersoftware GbR. “We wanted to create a distinct cryptocurrency, based on its own blockchain, that supports a reference line for transactions,” he says. Kassler goes on to explain that the reference line can, of course, be left blank. But he points out that it is sometimes helpful when the line contains the sender from whom the money is coming or similar information.

“Our coin consists of a unique, new, and very advantageous technology that no other coin possesses,” says Kassler. He emphasizes that this coin is the only one that allows an encrypted reference line to be sent to the recipient together with the transaction. Only about 840,000 RECO coins are mined each month, and they can now be bought and sold on the new trading platform

These assets are secured by the stringent application of cryptography, which is why they are called cryptocurrency. The technical basis is what is known as the “blockchain”. This means that every transaction is condensed in a data block and attached to the blockchain. Each time, the hash value from the preceding dataset is stored in the following one. The hash value is a computer-technology term used in the area of cryptography and denotes an alphanumeric value. The unique feature of this mathematical function is that it depicts a string of characters of any desired length on a string of characters with a fixed length. Through this cryptographic chaining, the blockchain and thus the cryptocurrency are protected against subsequent manipulation.

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