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Innovative start-up crypto company on its way to success

To be recognized as a thought leader requires a certain level of respect and charisma in your respective field. Being a thought leader can make a significant and positive difference to your business. Most successful individuals or firms in their respective fields grow in their business because of their ability to naturally lead or draw in more sponsors and members. A thought leader who is able to cut through the ‘noise’ and offer something worth listening to, is a leader who is designed to succeed.

A thought leader of this type is a next-generation financial institute, a blockchain-based trading platform aimed at democratizing the market, redistributing wealth back to investors and companies, and ultimately striving to be the go-to trading firm for quality expertise in cryptocurrency, and, above all, a top-five asset based on market capitalization.

The big leak
Techbullion have leaked information on the upcoming platform being developed by the team.

In their review, they concluded that while there are a number of crypto trading websites available on the internet for users, many are in fact centralized by nature, designed to maximize profits for the owners and have little care beyond making a living. The closed system and reluctance of the platform operators to allow for maximum options lead to users having limited options and instruments of trading.

They state that’s exchange solution however ensures that user satisfaction is kept above all things. This is keeping true to the spirit of peer to peer technologies. For instance, the exchange will:

1) Have a fully customizable interface and will offer key features such as social networking, charts, technical and fundamental analysis and more

2) Once regulated will be one of the few exchanges that will not only offer crypto to crypto but also crypto to fiat and securitized tokens, thereby creating one of the industry’s only “one stop shops” for digital trading.

3) 24/7 customer support offering support in a range of languages, and which pledges to respond to customer queries within one business day or less.

Techbullion went into further detail on the liquidity pool being offered by the company – a membership and lending program which rewards qualified clients for their participation in the exchange. This is the most anticipated offering of the company and promises to give as much as 50% the company yields from the exchange platform back to the clients. Users will park a portion of their assets in their platform e-wallets into a shared P2P liquidity pool. The assets bound for the pool are used by the company as liquidity and stability in the exchange environment. As a reward for participation in the pool, contributors will receive a distribution calculated on a daily basis. Up to half of the exchange platform yield is then distributed among the pool investors (according to the percentage of their investment in the pool).

Interest for the liquidity pool are earned in the following ways:
Spreads: All trades have a difference in asking price and selling price. This is called the spread. 50% of the earnings made by the platform through spreads will go into the liquidity pool.

Commission: When spreads are very tight, the little room for profit margins in spreads means that the broker cannot earn profitably while making deals. This leads to a commission based incentive. Again, half of all the commissions that platform makes will go into the pool.

Aggregation: The platform combines all unmatched orders into one single large order before execution so that unprocessed transactions can be executed and a good spread and commissions are earned on it.
Risk Positions: Risk management is done using propriety algorithms and leveraging on the micro and macro level, maximizing profit potential for the liquidity pool.

Loan Interest: Users can earn by loaning their wallet assets to others and earn interest on it. Same as all above, half of the profit earned goes into the liquidity pool.

Creating a demographic decentralized platform, has created one of the most interesting trading and earning system that allows its users to earn a handsome profit.

The team behind the name

The team is made up of talented and experienced members who all stem from a long background in financial, technology and advisory services. They all strive to enhance their mode of thinking with their ability to source, work with, and profit from their target markets. A large part of why is likely to succeed is because the team are able to determine what works in the finance community and not repeat mistakes.
The team draw upon their experience from investment banking on Wall Street as well as retail and institutional forex brokerage services and even blockchain development. This varied yet high level expertise across a range of financial sectors join hands to craft the ultimate exchange platform that can be used by both retail and institutional clients.

Such a solid financial background puts them ahead of the competition, at the forefront of the industry and will propel them on their way to being the next-generation’s financial institution.

Proof of the pudding
Until the exchange is officially launched, when results can really be analyzed, it is fair to note that participants and observers will go by both reputation and trust in the company’s ability to profit long-term. The core investors behind the project brought in their long-standing relationships with clients and investors, which is one of the reasons why continues to draw such interest. is a fine example of leaders who recognize trends before they happen and apply that insight to achieve actual business results. The secret to holding such status will come down to the ability to inspire and influence and it seems that is doing a nice job of it so far. The fact that the company raised over $31 million in their ICO is a testament to the credibility the company has gained over a long period of time, given the fact that a large portion of the team have hugely successful careers.

In any doubt? Take John Patrick Mullin for example. He is a 25-year-old, American living in Hong Kong and while he isn’t busy supporting and advising the name, he continues to build his impressive career. He previously worked at Guotai Junan Securities where he spent the majority of his career, focusing on fintech, blockchain & artificial intelligence. His admirable reputation can be highlighted in the fact that he is frequently invited to speak at high-level crypto conferences internationally as a guest speaker. In addition, the CEO, Jim Preissler, also comes from over 20 years of international business experience with a deep private equity and investment banking background in Wall street, having helped launched numerous ICOs as well as oversee important financial mergers and acquisitions.

Speaking about his company, Jim Preissler explains that,“is not just about distributed technology…it’s about distributed wealth. Blockchain technology allows us to achieve the vision of distributed wealth through our peer-to-peer shared liquidity pool.”

One of the biggest questions on the minds of potential participants, is what sets apart from others. In response to this common question, Jim Preissler states that the company will share 50/50 from their seed contribution with all of their participants.

“The time has come where people take back control of capital markets and reject the status quo,” he said.

“We are doing multiple stage rollout to get to a full multi-asset platform. First is crypto/crypto. At some point we will add fiat to the mix. Then FX trading will be added. Finally, other asset classes such as global equities, etc. The platform is built ultimately to allow this full functionality, but we need to roll it out in segments.”
He continued “We plan to be a fully licensed exchange across multiple jurisdictions. Our intention is to actually work with the regulators to forge policies and regulations critical to crypto trading, as well as to protect clients and their wealth. This is something that no other exchange has attempted to do so far.”

Indeed, it’s clear that the leaders at understand the importance of listening to their community. Without their followers and customers, a company is nothing but a name.

“Listening to the community and building a product that isn’t what we think it should be, but what the community wants. If we can do just that we will win. On that front we are building sentiment analysis tracking and feedback systems that will allow us to keep a pulse on the community to gain insight, but also to make sure we are exceeding expectations.

“It’s a very busy and exciting time at right now. We have a lot to look forward to. On the marketing front I think our success with the ICO is a testament to our acumen in that area. We also learned a lot and will continue to improve our communications and PR.”

Looking ahead
The launch of this exciting exchange takes place this spring. Taking into consideration the team’s spirit and solid experience and expertise, it is safe to say that they’re on the right road to a truly successful launch and journey ahead. For further information on the exchange visit

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