Fast, Light and flexible, the Next-Generation Blockchain Platform ‘Locus Chain’ Has Emerged … !!

The Next-Generation Blockchain Platform 'Locus Chain' Has Emerged

Locus Chain‘ is a very fast and reliable next-generation blockchain platform that can be used in the real economy without any inconvenience, unlike the old-generation block chain which loses efficiency by following increase of actual users, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The Locus Chain has been developed on the basis of a unique new-technology of ‘Dynamic State Sharding’ which can solve the problem of ledger size and ‘AWTC (Account-Wise Transaction Chain)’ structure which allows fast transaction approval without speed-down by increase of transactions to remedy the shortcomings of existing blockchains.

The efforts to solve the problem of speed-down due to the increase of transaction amount are challenges of numerous companies featuring next-generation blockchain. However, ‘Bloom Technology’, leading development of the Locus Chain, is confident that the block chain technology based on its Dynamic State Sharding technology is the real key to solving the problem.

The confidence of Bloom Technology is based on absolute trust in the development team that is developing the key blockchain technology for the Locus chain.

In fact, the development team of the Locus Chain is led by veteran developers who have more than 20 years of experience in commercial program development. The core developers are composed of engine developers of SEGA’s ‘Virtual Fighter’ series (famous for fighting games), ‘Xbox360’ and PC online games (‘N3’ and ‘Kingdom under Fire’) and developers of Samsung’s mobile phone OS.

In particular, the development of game engines, which are indispensable for the development of blockbuster online games that must accommodate large-scale content and a large number of users, is a very high demand for self-distributed processing to resolve great amount and high complexity.

The substantial development experience of the core developers of Bloom Technology was realized as Dynamic State Sharding, an innovative technology to solve the structural problems of existing blockchains; It supports to prepare a basis role for the realization of the ‘Locus Chain’ as the next generation base platform cryptocurrency that can be applied to the B2B, B2C, C2C, M2M transaction means and authentication system of each industry group including energy, communication and IoT.

Another noteworthy aspect of the ‘Locus Chain’ is the rapid movement of the ‘Locus Chain Foundation’, which is responsible for the overall business of the Locus Chain and its foundation.

Business advisors and partners of the Locus Chain are playing a central role for the Locus Chain Foundation and the foundation aims to contribute to the innovative development of human society by applying the Locus Chain to huge scale of economic and social system.

The foundation decided that the start point of Locus Chain should be the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

There are many countries in the regions where have natural conditions, wide land area and abundant natural resources, but the value of real money is not competitive in the global market, and where have relatively few national production, distribution and management systems. By applying the blockchain platform Locus Chain in these regions as a base system and settlement currency, a transparent management system will be established that will enable more national profits and faster economic development. Eventually, it can contribute to solve the inequality in the world.

To this end, the Locus Chain Foundation has been building a close partnership with major national organizations and local companies in the regions.

The Locus Chain Foundation already signed strategic alliance agreements with public and private companies of the energy, resource, telecommunications and electronics sectors in Africa, the Middle East and Asia; ‘OMENE Holdings LLC.’ which is operated by Nigerian Prince Franklin E. Omene, ‘ONCOMED Solutions’, a medical service company headquartered in Dubai, and ‘JH BUILDER’ which is operated by Pengiran Alli bin Pengiran Hj Mohammad, the current minister of religion in Brunei.

(From left) AHGK CEO Kim Geun Young, Brunei’s religion department minister and JH CEO Pengiran Alli bin Pengiran Hj Mohammad, and Locus Chain Foundation CEO Lee Sang Yoon

Also, the foundation made agreements with charitable organizations such as ‘Ibello’ in Nigeria, ‘Sai sanjeevani Charitable Trust’ in India, ‘Kashba Youth’ and ‘Human Welfare Trust’ for charity works to play a role to guarantee the transparency between donors and recipients. We will make efforts to pursue the overall development of society by spreading the decentralization system based on the Locus Chain with various business partners using Locus Chain.

Locus Chain Foundation signed agreements with charitable organizations

Locus Chain Foundation held its first official event, “Locus Chain Foundation 2018 Launching Show” at the Dubai World Trade Center (Zabeel Hall 4), located in the heart of Dubai, quite recently.

A full view of “Locus Chain Foundation 2018 Launching Show”
CEO Lee Sang Yoon announced at “Locus Chain Foundation 2018 Launching Show”

The launching show was an event designed to promote the unique technological excellence of the blockchain platform Locus Chain and the value what Locus Chain Foundation desires.

Attended by more than 500 influential political and business officials form Middle East, Africa and India, and showed great interest in ‘Locus Chain’ including, ▶Her highness Sheikha Mozah Al Maktoum, the princess of Dubai, ▶ Sheikh Abu Omar, the prince of Azman royal family, ▶HRH Sheikh Duraid Al Saadoun, the royal family of Iraq, and the infrastructure development and energy development investment projects in Africa. ▶The Prince Franklin E. Omene, President and CEO of OMENE Holdings LLC, Nigeria; ▶Sheikh Al Esayi, man property in Saudi Arabia ▶Ahamed Nazeer, Chief Ministers of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka ▶Antonio Cecere, Director, Monaco Diamond Exchange. ▶M IDREES KHAN of EFFENDI GROUP, a state-owned corporation in Pakistan, ▶Dr. BrajNandan, Founder of Devashram Trust and Devashram Divyang University. ▶Rashed Ali Alhefeiti, Chairman and owner of Al hefeiti sports agent LCC ▶ H.R.H.Prof. Prince Willam MISHIKI BUHINI, Ph.D, Honorary Prize of the Congo ▶Kyanga Muyengo Jerry, President of Congo Resources Development Company BARBAROSSA INDUSTRIES ▶Noufal PK, Representative of the Human welfare Foundation, ▶Ahmad Massoud, son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the hero of the Afghanistan national heritage and representative of the MASSOUD Foundation.

Ahamed Nazeer, Chief Ministers of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka (right of photo) and Lee Sang-yoon, the CEO of Locus Chain Foundation (left of photo)
Antonio Cecere, Director of Monaco Diamond Exchange(left) and Lee Sang-yoon, the CEO of Locus Chain Foundation (center)
Sheikh Abu Omar, the prince of Azman (right) and CEO, Lee Sang-yoon (left)

Starting with the first keynote speech by Forbes executive Sally Eavas, Professor Moon Young-bae from Korea has been followed. Finally, it was announced on the topic of the strengths of the blockchain platform ‘Locus Chain’ by CEO, Lee Sang-yoon, for the benefits gained by applying them to various industries and their contribution to resolving global inequalities.

In addition, the celebration of Ember Trio, the famous trio band of Britain, was held at break time and dinner time of the day. Indian national hero and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Argentine soccer hero Diego Armando Maradona Franco Although they could not attend the launching show, they each sent cricket racquets and uniforms with their own autographs and congratulatory messages as a gift to celebrate the launching show of ‘Locus Chain’.

A uniform and cricket racket with sign and celebrating message of Sachin Tendulkar, a cricket player of India, and Diego Armando Maradona Franco, a soccer hero of Argentina.

As a keynote speaker, Sally Evers, executive director of Forbes Technology, asked the question, “Did the technology revolution really bring equitable equality and happiness to all human beings?” With the theme of “social influence of blockchain technology” The block chain technology can be implemented with transparency of the process in many parts of the society and low cost compared to the existing one. It will lead to the development of the industry as a whole, and in particular, the philanthropic business becomes more active, “The idea of a locus chain is going to make a great contribution to creating a better future that I think is ideal,” and expressed expectations for “Locus Chain.”

Professor Moon Young-bae, a professor at Korea University and a director of the Digital Banking Institute, said, “Unlike the Internet, which is a revolutionary technology of the” blockchain “, it is now under the monopoly of a few companies And blockbuster technology that does not require the support of a trusted third party in the transaction between them is meaningful for global economic equality. “We have a positive view on the block chain technology”.

Prior to the introduction of the ‘Locus Chain’, Lee Sang-yoon the CEO, in the main sequence, said, “Many of the current blockchain technologies that claim to be the third generation claim that they are the ideal blockchain technology. There are some notable blockchain technologies, but they are limited in their versatility and limited to specific purposes. However. Locus Chain will be a new era of blockchain technology that goes beyond the weaknesses of the current blockchain technology and can be used in all areas. For example, The dynamic state sharding, which solves the problem of the size of the ledge which is slowed down as the scale of use increases and the size of the ledger grows exponentially, is solved by using the technique of “Locus chain” The platform will be used in a wide variety of industries and will contribute to creating a better future for the human society as a whole. “

The blockchain technology has become a concern with the emergence of Bitcoin technology in 2008.

There is no one who disputes the opinion that blockchain technology will be at the center of the fourth Industrial revolution due to the concept of decentralization which means centralized power returning to the hands of the users.

​When the smartphone’s revolution has started, various applications for mobile OS(Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS) were created and the applications gave people convenience of using the services of various industries.

No one knows which blockchain technology will lead revolution in the future. However, the only thing we truly know is that one of the blockchain technologies being developed can be the revolutionary blockchain.

The competitiveness and achievements of the ‘Locus Chain’, which is aimed at the next generation blockchain platform, not an Altcoin, are very impressive.

Welcome the appearance of the ‘Locus Chain‘.

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