Extra Credit Brings Blockchain Technology to Education

block.news Extra Credit Brings Blockchain Technology to Education

Those who don’t quite understand all the fuss about cryptocurrencies now have a way to learn and benefit from the technology. That’s thanks to Extra Credit, a new website opening its digital doors to the public this month and offering enticements, in the form of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, for those who want a new way to learn.

The idea behind Extra Credit, a brand also responsible for the site Bitcoin Homework, is to help people learn about Bitcoin and others like it through educational programs. These programs can only be accessed through use of cryptocurrency and are set in motion by smart contracts enabled through the use of blockchain technology. In this way, those who join up will get all the information they need and also pick up bonuses along the way for their efforts.

Bitcoin has been dominating the news cycle in recent weeks, as the value of the digital currency skyrockets. Extra Credit intends to teach people who might not understand how it all works. The first step is a pre-sale taking place this month. Early adopters of the program are eligible for bonuses of up to 20 per cent if they purchase at least $100 of the limited amount of credits available.

At the beginning of the new year, the public sale takes place, and, again, there are bonuses available for those who join up at this time. Courses, intended to teach those with little knowledge of cryptocurrencies, begin in the spring of 2018. Through the use of smart contracts, students will get so-called “extra credits” for each course they complete.

The roadmap created by Extra Credit for the following year or so escalates in the second quarter of 2018. At that point, progress reports for all of the various cryptocurrencies will be available to students. These will be filled with invaluable information and should point the way to excellent investment opportunities. A referral system which rewards those who tell others about Extra Credit is also presented. And students may use the digital currency they earn in a planned educational store.

The developments planned for 2018 continue with multilingual programs designed to take the Extra Credit idea global. Considering how people love to do everything on the go, another item on the agenda might be the most crucial: A rollout of the Extra Credit app on smartphones and tablets.

In keeping with the idea of rewarding people for learning, Extra Credit also plans weekly quizzes and Honor Rolls as a benefit for the overachievers in the group. Even more importantly, the initiative includes plans for an educational podcast and an Open Source platform for colleges and other schools. These developments ensure that anyone with an internet connection can participate.

Extra Credit stresses that the early pre-sale is the best way to take advantage of this innovative idea. Those who sign on early will have accesses to bonuses that others won’t. In addition, the early adopters will be on the ground floor of something that could revolutionize the educational system.

For more information on what this entails and how to become involved, prospective students can visit either the Extra Credit site or the site of Bitcoin Homework, their joint venture. Those wishing to reach out and find out, even more, can contact Extra Credit at support@extracredit.io.

Company name: Extra Credit (XTRA)

Company site: https://extracredit.io/

Company contacts: Curtis Smith – CEO

Email: Curtis@extracredit.io

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