ExpertOption To Release One Coin For Three Investment Platforms ExpertOption To Release One Coin For Three Investment Platforms

Global leading broker ExpertOption is introducing the first ever ecosystem designed for bridging traditional online trading with blockchain investments. The revolutionary project will begin with the release the EO coin for trading on its award-winning platform. This will be followed up with the EO.Finance crypto wallet designed for easy purchases, storing and exchange of cryptocurrencies, and last but not least the EO.Trade crypto exchange.

This seamless combination of platforms fueled by one coin is bound to eliminate all the complications of crypto trading and encourage more online investors to make the leap into the financial revolution of blockchain.

“Crypto trading may be taking over the market but online trading still dominates with more than 5 trillion in daily turnover” ExpertOption CEO Ivan Opria said, “We are designing an ecosystem which will make every online trader convert to crypto with no more than a few clicks and we will be there to help them make the jump”.

Considering the years of success ExpertOption has had with a strong team that developed and built its platform and trading app entirely in-house, the market is in for a major treat when the same team releases this game-changing series of investment tools.

The new digital coin called EO Coin will be based on Ethereum which is the second biggest open source blockchain. 1 billion coins will be produced 70% of which will be allocated for sale. The company launched a private presale exclusively for existing ExpertOption clients on the 31st of March.

“The EO coin will give every trader the power to get higher profit percentages on the ExpertOption platform” Opria said about the new coin. “Holders of the EO Coin will benefit in many ways on all the platforms we are developing”.  The coin will give investors special fee discounts on both EO.Finance and EO.Trade crypto exchange which will be developed by the company.

Along with the addition of the EO coin the ExpertOption platform will offer accounts entirely based on cryptos. Coin holders will be able to use the EO coin to trade derivatives on cryptos, fiat currencies, commodities, and stocks.

The project will include the release of the EO.Finance, a crypto wallet designed to make crypto investments easy and instant even for investors who have never ventured into digital currencies. The allow purchasing cryptos directly with a Visa or MasterCard making the process completely simple for first timers. The wallet will be used to buy cryptos, store them and use them for online transactions.

The market is also highly anticipating the EO.Trade crypto exchange which will be developed later on in the project. The company has announced it plans on building the exchange in-house and designing it to withstand present and future market demand. Currently crypto exchanges on the market have been failing to keep up with the increasing amount of users causing downtime, slow KYC processes and withdrawals as well as delays in orders.

“Our team has built one successful company without any help from third parties. We handle millions of clients on a daily basis” Dmitry Nikitin, head of Client Care told us “My team has been prepared and trained for the next move and are ready to expand at a moment’s notice”.

In a market infested by repetitive blockchain projects which offer nothing new, this incredible plan which could have only been birthed by an investing mastermind offers the most promising ecosystem which will combine the power of the biggest industry in the world with the fastest growing technology of blockchain.

The coin sale will be open to the public later this month.

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