Existing Online Payment Platform to Bring Millions of Dollars in Transactions Unto the Blockchain Through Global Payments

Existing Online Payment Platform to Bring Millions of Dollars in Transactions Unto the Blockchain Through Global Payments

With the emergence of distruptive payment services all around the globe, Mazzuma a online payment platform harnessing mobile payments solutions in emerging markets with millions of dollars in transactional volume has set out to make a mark on the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem. Mazzuma sets out to enable underserved consumers to get access to world class payments services using a truly distributed payments infrastructure with a multi-channel approach through a mobile app, Mazzuma Keyboard, e-commerce plugins, developer APIs and Artificial Intelligence bots on Telegram and Facebook Messenger. The platform is geared to make peer-to-peer and international transactions across borders more convenient by eliminating the current cumbersome nature of cryptocurrencies, with no transaction fees and instantaneous transactions.

The driving philosophy behind the Mazzuma ecosystem is to develop a strong and robust payment ecosystem which is available to the masses and provide the freedom for users to use their funds in a convenient manner. The Mazzuma App will be made available to the public on iOS and Android. This will enable users to send and receive Mazzuma tokens (MAZ) on the platform. Mazzuma will continue to advance it payments ecosystem as well as research and continuously implement artificial intelligence into payments while supporting payment-enabled IoT devices.

Mazzuma has commenced token sale activities to give early adopters and the general public the opportunity to join the ecosystem and enjoy true financial freedom. Currently, Mazzuma is in its third token sale as the platform has already gathered huge interest from the public globally from countries such as Japan, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia and others. This is taking place from 9th August 2018 at the price of $0.75 for 1MAZ to 19th September 2018. First time buyers will receive a 10% bonus, with referral program earning them an extra 5% bonus.

The creators of the platform have also been listed in the 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 Technology Category for their disruptive work in the payments space. Kindly visit a website to learn more about their platform.

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Company site: https://mazzuma.com
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