Ethos’s Highly Anticipated Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet is Now Available

Ethos’s Highly Anticipated Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet is Now Available

Ethos is thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated Ethos Universal Wallet, with over 135,000 pre-registered, has been released globally for iPhone and Android and is now available in app-stores Worldwide.

Ethos welcomes their global community, and encourages them to download the app and start using, rating the app and sharing their experience on social.

To learn more and download the app and get started using the Universal Wallet – visit the Ethos Universal Wallet Website (iOS & Android Available).

The Ethos Universal Wallet is a breakthrough solution that allows users to store, track, learn, send and receive digital assets – all in one app. Users create a unique 256-bit SmartKey which is never transmitted over the internet that allows individuals to safekeep their own digital assets across multiple chains and coins.

Users of the wallet can store and track hundreds of digital assets providing a full view of their portfolio on and off the device. Robust market data and technical indicators can be viewed on the device providing the user with a powerful, yet intuitive experience.

The Universal Wallet features Include but are not limited to:

SMART WALLET – Securely store and manage your coins on multiple blockchains seamlessly. Ethos Universal Wallet provides one of the best mobile-first hot wallets to safely and securely interface with multiple assets on multiple blockchains.

WATCHFOLIO – Easily track your coins and assets stored anywhere in a clean and simple interface. Add info for digital assets you have stored somewhere else, add coins to your watchlist, or even create fantasy portfolios.

COINS – Investing in the future can be a challenge. With Coins, you’ll have access to a powerful coin profiles that combine raw data, key facts, social intelligence – with technicals, market performance, ratings and more. In the future, we invest together.

STATE-OF-THE-ART SECURITY – No more managing multiple private keys and wallets. With Universal Wallet, you generate a single Ethos Smart Key for each wallet instance you create, and it takes care of the rest – providing automated maximum security management of all of your digital assets. You remain in complete control at all times. Lose your phone? Simply restore using your Ethos Smart Key.

Ethos has a 24/7 support desk providing best-in-class services to users of the wallet, with real-time around the clock assistance for any user need or question.

The wallet has undergone a third-party security audit and penetration test along with tens of thousands of hours of user testing to guarantee the safety, security and ease of use of the app. Keys are secured by biometric and pin providing an easy and secure solution for all your cryptocurrency needs.

Ethos has also partnered with Fusion Financial Advisors LLC (“Fusion”), a U.S. based federally regulated investment adviser that will use the wallet to provide a consumer-friendly investment platform. Through this partnership, Universal Wallet users will be given access to banking, brokerage and wealth management solutions, all from a single app creating a powerhouse in your pocket. Additional information about Fusion is also available on the SEC’s website.

With the release of the wallet, Ethos has completed the first phase of development to provide an enterprise-grade universal wallet for a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everyone.

To learn more and download the app and get started using the Universal Wallet – visit the Ethos Universal Wallet Website (iOS & Android Available).

Important Disclosure — Other Financial Industry Activities and Affiliations

Fusion, and its parent Fusion US Holdings Inc., is an affiliate of, by virtue of each being under common ownership and control. Specifically, the controlling interests of both and Fusion US Holdings Inc. are held by the same individuals. and Fusion may jointly market Fusion’s services to the users of the Ethos Platform.

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