EtherZero – A Revolutionary Ethereum Hard Fork, Forking on 19th Jan 2018 EtherZero - A Revolutionary Ethereum Hard Fork, Forking on 19th Jan 2018

Also a Ethereum hard fork, what difference would EtherZero make?

Block: 4936270

Let’s find out

Although there are many bitcoin fork outside, there are only few Ethereum fork on the way.

The two already announced Ethereum fork had some trouble with its fork height and changes several time, which lead to a result that many trade platform’ trust has been lost.
However, this time, a new Ethereum hard fork, EtherZero, wish to change the current situation , it may become the most successful Ethereum hard fork that the history has ever had.

So now let’s find out together what the EtherZero really is and what on earth outstanding charateristics they have:

Important things comes first:

  • Fork height: 4936270 block
  • Time: Jan 19th 2018 GMT 19:00-21:00
  • Allocation: Total supply is about 116 million ETZ
  • Each ETH distributes 1 ETZ
  • Reserve 20 million ETZ for subsequent development
  • Newly increased: about 6 million ETZ per year (about 5% inflation and declining year by year)

About the team

Currently EtherZero team is made up by 20 people, these people are from different country, also we are cooperating with many famous DAPP development workshops from India and East Europe, most of our team member are professional DAPP developers, although we are not famous for now, the techniques are no questioning here.

Innovation point

  1. 0  TX fee, meet any requirement of DAPP’ s development, arrangement and operation;
  2. Masternode system;
  3. Payment instantly, is suitable for more trade scene;
  4. Autonomous community governance system;
  5. Two layer network system high scalability, Allow DAPP to be used by mainstream people.

You may be curious about the masternode sytem, here is a more specific explanation of it:

Our idea is to improve and stabilize the market value of ETZ, and we are trying to get ETZ’s market value at 10% of the Ethereum in the short term. The masternode can benefit more cash users. We expect the initial access node to be 10 thousand ETZ, 45% of the rewards to the miners, 45% to the masternodes, and 10% to the self-governing communities.

If EtherZero made its market value up to 10% of the Ethereum, the unit price would reach 70 US dollars theoretically. We welcome those who are interested to join EtherZero node system.

Developer friendly

Based on the DAPP in the Ethereum, the deployment of the ETZ chain can be completed after a few changes. The ETZ team will give a detailed technical change plan in the future.

Road map

In January 2018, the Ethernet network was released to achieve 0 transaction costs and anti DDOS attacks.

In February 2018, EtherZero will complete issuing the EtherZero candy, up the online wallet, let the main line to achieve the 0 transaction cost and anti DDOS attack, dig first the EtherZero block after the fork.

  • In March 2018, the mobile wallet and the DApp application store will be released to promote the ecological development of the user.
  • In the 1 quarter of 2018, the Maternode will be successfully tested on Testnet.
  • In the 2 quarter of 2018, the Maternode will be successfully tested on Mainnet, realizing real time transactions and higher transaction concurrency (greater than 1000TPS).
  • In the 4 quarter of 2018, the Maternode optimization version will be put online, supporting tens of thousands of TPS.
  • In the 1 quarter of 2019, star DAPP application competition begin and launch a long-term developer reward program to promote the development and prosperity of the developer community.

Early investors

Dear EtherZero fans, we highly appreciate your support to make ETZ a mainstream currency and reflect enough value. We will sell up to 2 million of ETZ to the early investors at a favorable price, which will be enough to support ETZ be listed on big exchanges and bring some liquidity. If you want to support ETZ, please send me a private massage on telegram or email us

Besides, EtherZero team also warmly welcome those big merchants and board game companys who wish to cooperate.

Don’t miss the chance to see how great EtherZero are!

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Company name: EtherZero

Company site:

Company contacts: Mia Tang


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