Esports Betting Platform XWIN CryptoBet Raises $1 Million In Pre-ICO Esports Betting Platform XWIN CryptoBet Raises $1 Million In Pre-ICO

The Christmas cheer is heard loud and clear from the XWIN CryptoBet headquarters in Belize City as the project brings in it’s first $1 million even before the official ICO begins. The solid 3000 strong community of avid sports fans from all over the world has proclaimed its strong desire to bet on sports in 2018 using XWIN.

The XWIN top management team has spent December in Asia travels searching for new investors and looking into new business opportunities. The reports are very promising: South Korean and Japanese venture capitalists specializing in the blockchain start-ups are particularly interested in XWIN, that being a fully transparent revenue sharing Ethereum blockchain-based betting platform for sporting and other events.

“Esports betting is already huge, and this global industry at the intersection of gambling, technology, and entertainment is growing by the minute, – says XWIN CEO Artyom Baikov. – In its 2018 Global Esports Markets report, Newzoo estimates that China and North America have generated $376 million in revenues in 2017 or 53 percent of the world’s total sports betting revenue. If this growth trend continues, the global sports betting industry is expected to generate $1.4 billion in 2020. Clearly, our Japanese and South Korean colleagues know a good thing when they see it. They realize that XWIN is very well-positioned to have its share of this enormous pie in the upcoming years and they want in.”

In the nearest future, the XWIN platform aims to please sports fans with such features and services as smart contract-based currency exchange, wide implementation of AI for rates calculation and probability estimates, various VIP packages, DAO casino with poker and slot machines, multimedia content for esports fans, and many more.

In the meantime, XWIN CryptoBet has secured a Belize gaming license. As a jurisdiction, Belize was selected for several reasons. Namely, the favorability of the terms in Belize by no means implies lax regulation, sloppy monitoring, and non-existing enforcement. On the contrary, the simplicity of the low-cost procedure, the complete confidentiality, and the one-tax-for-all gaming license provide for the ease of access to businesses and complete transparency.

After the successful Asia trip and in light of the upcoming ICO (01.01.18), the company plans to extend its offerings to at least six South-Eastern Asia countries where it held meet-ups with prospective investors. Although the XWIN press office is reluctant to divulge any names and numbers at this point, we’ve managed to ascertain that after the Asia expansion, the platform will set its sights on Europe, once XWIN is granted a coveted gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). As one of the first European territories to regulate online gambling, Malta has reportedly become a staunch supporter of regulation over the past few years. Currently, more than 100 online gaming businesses are licensed by MGA, including software developers, online casinos, and remote iGaming operators. XWIN CryptoBet is planning on joining the club shortly.

Although setting up the Asia expansion and putting the house in order for obtaining a gaming license from MGA took more than a year, for XWIN it provided an opportunity to enhance its reputation as a legitimate platform for sports wagering options, and the pre-ICO results speak for themselves. “Our Japanese, South Korean, Taiwanese, and Hong Kongese interlocutors have stated to us very clearly that their only standard is the gold standard of online gaming, and that reputation along with a very specific code of ethics in this business are the only measurements of success, – says the XWIN CryptoBet CTO Vladimir  Kiryanov. – And we have assured our potential investors that our thinking is precisely the same. Long gone are the times of fast profits and abrupt disappearances. It’s time to build the blockchain-based future together.”

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