EOS WiKi and CodeLite Team Jointly Announce CodeLite for EOS Project to Help Developers to Create Smart Contracts Easier

EOS WiKi and CodeLite Team Jointly Announce CodeLite for EOS Project to Help Developers to Create Smart Contracts Easier

EOS WiKi (eosdotwikibp), an independent block producer on the EOS blockchain today announce it will incorporate with CodeLite Team to release CodeLite for EOS.

CodeLite is an open source cross platform IDE for C++ developers that has been continually developing by Eran Ifrah and its team since 2006. CodeLite for EOS is an official branch version from CodeLite that specialized in smart contract development for EOS blockchain. CodeLite team will add more features like code prompt and debugging for smart contract development for this version and EOS Wiki and CodeLite team will jointly develop and promote CodeLite for EOS.

“Our goal is to provide a full featured and easy-to-use smart contract development environment for developers on the EOS blockchain,” said by the CEO of EOS WiKi Team. “And it helps developers to develop smart contracts easier. More dApps on EOS increase liquidity to EOS token and that fulfill our mission and do our best to make contributions to EOS community.“

Roadmap for CodeLite for EOS

Q1 2019:

  • Integrate EOS project into CodeLite for EOS;
  • Improved UI for easier smart contract development;
  • Provide auto complete and code prompt features.

Q2 and Q3 2019:

  • Support EOS smart contract debugging on local test net;
  • Adding real time API document support for EOS smart contract;
  • Provide Smart contract deployment features on EOS main net and test net.

We are still working on the long term plan for CodeLite for EOS, if you are a developers, we’d love to hear from you, and you may contact us on the EOS WiKi Telegram group.

To support EOS WiKi and CodeLite for EOS, Please vote for us: eosdotwikibp

About EOS WiKi

EOS WiKi (eosdotwikibp) is an independent block producer who dedicate to provide stable and reliable services for EOS community.

EOS WiKi is currently running 5 geo-distributed servers with high-end configuration and high speed internet connection to provide block producing, p2p and API services.

Beside to provide up-to-date bilingual news, info and stories of EOS. EOS WiKi also support and develop projects that make positive contributions for the EOS community.

Website: https://eos.wiki/

Telegram Group: https://t.me/eosdotwikibp

About CodeLite

CodeLite is a lightweight, open source, free, cross platform IDE specialized in C, C++, PHP and Node.js programming languages which runs best on all major Platforms (OSX, Windows and Linux).

Website: https://codelite.org

CodeLite for EOS on EOS.WiKi: https://eos.wiki/?page_id=376

CodeLite for EOS Github page: https://github.com/codelite-eos/codelite

Official announcement from CodeLite.org: https://downloads.codelite.org/CodeLite_And_EOS.pdf

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