Energi Mine Adds to Ecosystem of Energy Saving Partners with Simply EV Partnership

Energi Mine Adds to Ecosystem of Energy Saving Partners with Simply EV Partnership

Partnership announced in same week as Energi Mine launches promotion with OKEx, the world’s biggest exchange

London – Energi Mine, the blockchain platform that financially rewards energy saving behaviour using EnergiTokens (ETK), and Simply EV, a leading provider of EV accessories today, announced a partnership. The partnership will enable those with ETK to spend their currency on electric vehicle charging cables and accessories, as well as earn ETK through a rewards scheme at Simply EV.

The relationship will enable Simply EV customers to join the Energi Mine community and use the ETK tokens. These tokens can be earned through the Energi Mine platform, by rewarding people for energy saving behaviour: from purchasing electric vehicles, to using energy efficient appliances. Operating in a similar way to rewards and loyalty schemes, ETK can also be gained by customers through purchasing certain goods from a growing list of suppliers. In fact, one of the very actions through which a customer could earn ETK would be to purchase products from Simply EV.

Simply EV sells electric vehicle charging equipment direct to consumers – rather than through the vehicle manufacturers themselves. Therefore, whatever make of electric vehicle a customer has, they will be able to find a variety of charging equipment on their site; the charge cables in particular offering an industry leading five-year warranty.

Conor Thomas, managing director of Simply EV, said that “By teaming up with Energi Mine and joining their circle of partners, we are creating a real community for our customers. Our customers have made the decision to invest in sustainable transportation and reduce their carbon footprint, what better way to reward them than to bring them into the Energi Mine ecosystem, offering them rewards with us and the other companies Energi Mine has partnered with.”

This is one of many recent partnerships announced by Energi Mine, including others with the Energy Managers Association that will see the platform trialled on Network Rail, as well as a recently announced partnership with FuzeX that takes crypto one step further to being used at the checkout when buying goods in person. In forming such partnerships, Energi Mine is building a community of energy conscious businesses that will accept and aid the distribution of EnergiTokens.

Omar Rahim, CEO of Energi Mine said “Part of our vision at Energi Mine is to create a community of likeminded businesses that all strive to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability. With this partnership we are now making consumers part of that ecosystem by giving them a way that they can benefit from financial rewards for their energy conscious decisions. This should also have the effect of incentivising further energy saving behaviour.”

This partnership comes off the back of recent research that has shown that the UK is lagging behind when it comes to the provision of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles – as the rate of uptake of electric cars outstrips the installation of vehicle charging points.

Following on from the successful launch of its rewards app, Energi Mine is offering bonus EnergiTokens (ETK) and a prize of $20,000 worth of ETH when you open an account with the biggest crypto exchange in the world, OKEx, simply by depositing 1 ETH. The first 3000 people to sign up to OKEx, using this link will receive EnergiTokens (ETK), with the first 1000 people each receiving 3000 ETK, the next 1000 people receiving 2000 ETK and the final 1000 people receiving 1000 ETK. As well as this, you will have a 1 in 3,000 chance to WIN $20,000 worth of ETH.

Get involved today, help be a part of the change! For more information about the EnergiToken energy-saving reward scheme, or to become a partner, please visit www.energitoken.com, follow us on twitter @EnergiMine or join the Energi Mine Telegram group @energitoken.

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