Enabling Secure, Quick Data-Sharing Between Researchers, Practitioners & Patients

block.news Enabling Secure, Quick Data-Sharing Between Researchers, Practitioners & Patients

Queensland, Australia – Common healthcare experience suggests that while technology has drastically improved our ability to identify, diagnose and treat conditions – we’re still in the ‘dark ages’ when it comes to information sharing between researchers, health practitioners and healthcare consumers.

The result is extremely slow information sharing (if at all). Patient misdiagnosis, confusion between health practitioners, and added costs are commonplace. For a patient in need of insights and treatment, the current system is a nightmare.

But a new blockchain based community believes they have found a far better way to progress forward – overcoming the info-sharing gap that the healthcare industry faces worldwide.

dHealthNetwork – an Ethereum based blockchain community believes it will help redefine how the healthcare industry operates, by launching a secure, decentralized data exchange for dHealthNetwork participants, including patients and industry professionals alike.

“It (dHealthNetwork) may be the most comprehensive blockchain project to address the needs of healthcare consumers to institutional investors” says KPMG’s Hamish Doley.

dHealthNetwork’s primary function will allow secure data exchange for healthcare consumers, benefactors, providers and researchers. Their secondary function will allow users to participate in actionable crowdfunded health projects – whereby successful project revenue is shared with users via dHN.

Other Notable highlights of the platform include:

  • Partnerships with Telos Joint Venture Dubai, Informedica, mesearcher and blockchain company Digital mining Asset Corporation
  • Multi Blockchain Architect supporting Trusted ID’s Verified transactions and indelible decentralised framework
  • 72% of funds raised from their token offering go to funding community Action-Projects
  • Token sale designed to be compatible with all exchanges using Ethereum

Their limited supply of DHT – an ERC-20 based token – fuels the ecosystem. DHT enables transactions between participants, allowing voting on and funding of community based health projects on the platform.

With this new ecosystem, it’s anticipated that the dHealthNetwork(dHN) will provide benefactors, healthcare consumers and the healthcare service provides with clarity and insight empowering robust collaboration.

For more information and additional photos, or to organise an interview please contact media@dhealthnetwork.io

Renee Coman – 0488 111 486.

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Comapny name: dHealthNetwork

Company site: http://dhealthnetwork.io/

Email: media@dhealthnetwork.io

Tel: +61753536555

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