DMChain, Building a Trustworthy and Security Digital Marketing Ecosystem

DMChain, Building a Trustworthy and Security Digital Marketing Ecosystem

The growth of digital marketing industry is slowing down with the diminishing return from the internet traffic. The monopoly of the top publishers squeezes the space of small and medium-sized media. At the same time, advertising agencies as the middle men who connect publishers and advertisers charge high commission fees from both sides. The whole digital marketing industry is getting too cumbersome to speed up.

For the advertiser, commission and publishing fees become a heavy burden, while the effects of advertising are unclear because of the data fraud. John Wanamaker, the first business man using modern advertising said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Unfortunately, the problem has not been effectively solved yet. The advent of blockchain technology gives the industry a way to work out as all data generated on the system are transparent and immutable.

DMChain, a blockchain powered digital marketing system is the pioneer in digital advertising market. Based on Cardano(ADA), DMChain utilizes smart contracts and zero-knowledge proof to offer a solution which ensures sensitive information security, auditability, traceability and ease of use to the all participants of the ecosystem. Additionally, it removes the distrust and uncertainties from the advertising industry and gives advertisers a better control over targeting markets with trackable and quantifiable data. DMChain is able to depict more comprehensive and precise user portraits since the blockchain together with deep leaning technology makes the data smarter.

In DMChain’s ecosystem, small and medium-sized media find their positions. They can post available advertisement on DMChain. On the other end of the transaction, advertisers will purchase advertisement directly through DMChain system and get rid of the traditional agent system. Intermediary fees have been cut down greatly with no sacrifice of efficiency.

Moreover, to ensure the consistency of the advertisement in different markets, DMChain will decline the role of intermediaries and introduce a new party called “reviewers” in the ecosystem. The value of reviewers or advertising audience has been ignored all the time. In the DMChain system, time and attention contributed by reviewers will be rewarded with DMChain tokens. If users are willing to share their data generated outside DMChain system, extra tokens will be allocated to their accounts.

The team is made up of serial entrepreneurs who have over decades’ experience in marketing and internet industry. The CEO started his exploration in blockchain area in early 2013 and he used to serve as chief operating officer of one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in China.

On May 31st, DMChain announced that it closed cornerstone round fund raising in 24 hours with top tier crypto funds (Genesis Capital, S Capital, Happy East Capital, DKB Capital, Zenith Capital, etc.) participated.

About DMChain

DMChain, a decentralized digital advertising system, uses the third generation blockchain platform Cardano(ADA) to increase the efficiency of the digital advertising market. Big data and artificial intelligence technology will also be deployed in the system to realize precision marketing. For more information, please visit the site.

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