DIWtoken.com Proposes the Creation of a Global, Blockchain-Based Network to End Online Fraud and Data Breaches

block.news DIWtoken.com Proposes the Creation of a Global, Blockchain-Based Network

DIWtoken.com wishes to achieve global data and service exchange security via the introduction of a global digital network running on blockchain technology. To materialise its aspiring project, DIW announces its Pre-ICO will end on the 20th of March and its ICO, commencing on the 27th of March 2018. For detailed information, visit DIWtoken.com.

There is no such thing as data security in today’s world. At this very moment, vast amounts of so called ‘secure’ sensitive personal, corporate or governmental digital data are being stolen, shared or tampered with by digital criminals.

Quite often, the damage caused is catastrophic and sometimes terminal with millions of people affected. Organisations go out of business, individuals, governments and officials exposed.

Billions of dollars have been spent in an effort to stop global digital breaches. Immeasurable hours have been devoted and thousands of digital security experts have been trying to tackle this threat since the beginning of digital information to no avail. It is clear that this seems to be a never ending circle.

DIW plans to put an end in all that by introducing a secure, global network made up of confirmed and approved individuals and organisations, providing them with the opportunity of exchanging services as well as data in a safe, transparent and assured environment by utilizing blockchain technology. Network members will have to submit KYC / KYS information and get approved before joining, so that everyone will be true to their identity within the network. Furthermore, a rating system will ensure that the highest level of quality of services will be offered within the network, promoting trust and assurance for peace of mind.

The doorway to this global network for all member entities will be a highly secure digital vault that will enable the secure upload, storage, maintenance and exchange of sensitive digital data including identification, financial and personal documentation. The blockchain-based vault will also be able to hold crypto currency.

Transactions larger than $5000 USD taking place within the network, will automatically utilise a paid escrow service enabling the pre-setting of the conditions which the transaction must meet for the release of funds.

Ultimately, the project’s vision is to encompass the medical industry as it will enable the secure storage, maintenance and exchange of Electronic Health Records as well as open up a doorway to its members to healthcare professionals and medical centres around the world.

As discussed above, DIW’s project engulfs different global market sectors with huge potential. The global health related industry had a turnover of $1.3 billion USD in 2017 and the cyber-security industry a turnover of $150 billion USD during the same year. The e-commerce industry’s 2017 revenue reached 2.3 trillion USD. Keeping in mind that our global directory has the potential of engulfing a huge aspect of human affairs, there simply is no limit regarding the expansion our project will have.

Stephanos Constantinou, the project’s CEO and Co-Founder, mentioned that: “When assessing the issues that the digital world faces, such as data breaches & online fraud, lack of transparency within the medical industry along with the limited ability to utilize cryptocurrency, it occurred to us that actually marrying these sectors should and could be done. We felt inspired to step in and move towards the actualization of the project”.

Join the DIWtoken.com project via contributing towards the materialisation of the project. The DIWtoken.com project has entered its Pre-ICO stage and will end on the 20th of March 2018.

Visit https://diwtoken.com now for more details.

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