Here to Discover, Decipher and Deliver Actionable Crypto Trading Alerts for All Here to Discover, Decipher and Deliver Actionable Crypto Trading Alerts for All

Introducing Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT), an innovative platform created to assist crypto enthusiasts of all skill levels navigate the alluring yet perilous waters of the crypto world. Access to a large volume of high quality information is essential to the maintenance of a “winning edge” in every market, but the lack of any semblance of “safety net” coupled with the bizarre world of multiple exchanges, arbitrage, ICOs, forks, airdrops, and with the transient nature of the sector as a whole, amplifies that need acutely. This leads to a paradox in which information is desperately needed but any attempt to find such information results in a deluge of information the filtering of which is impossible for all but the most brilliant of traders. Barring those savants, most traders quickly reach a point at which they can no longer process the torrent of data presented to them and therefore cannot make informed, fully rational, decisions. The ITT platform is poised to become the calm in the center of the storm, a beacon of knowledge and confidence for anyone overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the crypto markets and their associated information (i.e. everyone).

Investing in cryptocurrency is not a decision one should make lightly. The promise of easy money can blind a person to the very real, and statistically larger, potential to lose money. A lot of money. The pull between the reward and the risk, the fear of missing out on a bull run and the fear of failing to recognize the signs of a bear sell off, the excitement for the promise of distributed ledger technology/directed acyclic graph technology and the fear of glitchy code that can erase millions of dollars in the blink of an eye, coupled with the lack of information or fear of misinformation is enough to keep people on the sidelines and can paralyze even the most seasoned veteran. Fundamentally there is an unparseable mass of conflicting information and the risk of the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns is a risk shared by everyone. Until now. By pairing traditional trading concepts with cutting edge pattern recognition, the ITT platform is able to continuously scan, examine, and interpret information from the crypto markets, taking a firehose of information and turning it into a manageable data set , giving traders as close to a perfect execution strategy to optimize successful trading.

The Inspiration for Intelligent Trading Technologies
Intelligent Trading Technologies was inspired by the needs of its creators. More than a year ago, they began to actively trade in the cryptocurrency markets. They were quickly overwhelmed. Crypto was nothing like they had experienced before and they found themselves spending far more time attempting to isolate the signal from the noise in the crypto markets than they had in any other market they traded in before. The fact that at least one new crypto seemed to pop up each day, the formation of which resulted in numerous loud opinions, many from influential market participants, touting the new currency’s benefits or viciously pointing out its faults didn’t help matters.

Creating the ITT platform was simply their solution to their own struggles and frustrations that stemmed from the ever-expanding cryptocurrency market and their desire to trade in it; but, as is usually the case, necessity became the mother of invention, and they soon realized that the ITT platform was a useful service that could aid cryptocurrency traders across the globe.

“Intelligent trading requires a perfect union between man and machine. Our algorithms run millions of computations per second to deliver only concise and actionable alerts to you.” – Tom Counsell, Head of Engineering and Innovation.

The People Making Intelligent Trading Technologies a Reality
The ITT team is comprised of professionals in artificial intelligence, asset management, capital markets, trading, algorithmic trading, quantitative finance, securities law, and software development. ITT strives to maintain a lead over any competitors by staying up to date with the latest technological advancements in the mechanics of trading, the underlying theories of technical analysis, and progress in the field of AI, and attempts to integrate any such advances into its platform. That being said, Intelligent Trading Technologies do not shy away from forming mutually beneficial partnerships with established companies in the industry if the partnership can enhance or benefit the ITT platform in meaningful ways. This kind of collaboration allows Intelligent Trading Technologies to optimize the ITT platform for its users. In other words, when it comes to improving the platform, the ITT team doesn’t let ego gum up the works. Perfection is the goal, and they are committed pursuing that goal no matter what.

How Intelligent Trading Technologies Can Help Individuals Trade More Effectively
In theory, creating trading alerts seems like an easy task. One simply employs a few savvy traders to analyze existing data and use whatever conclusions said traders have arrived at to determine the perfect time to buy the right cryptocurrency. Unfortunately paying traders with the requisite skill set for such work is cost prohibitive for anyone other than institutions. At the same time, even the most experienced trader at the most elite hedge fund would likely falter when first introduced to the crypto space. Bitcoin has existed for less than a decade, and how many “elite traders” even knew that there were cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin until at the earliest two years ago? The industry didn’t really explode until 2016. which means that the majority of people actively trading have less than three years experience in cryptocurrency. It is safe to say that what is an easy task in theory is nearly impossible in an industry as new, as big, and as volatile as cryptocurrency is, at least when you rely on humans alone. These are the reasons that the ITT Team has spent countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars perfecting trading techniques and developing an AI to isolate the signal from the background noise. The combination of AI and market trading algorithms is the only truly effective way to manage a market as complex as this one.

A Tangible Example of what the ITT Platform Can Do
Inexperienced traders may do their homework and discover a cryptocurrency of a company whose tech they like but they probably haven’t considered that buying crypto isn’t as easy as buying a stock on the NYSE, they have to find the right exchange to purchase said crypto–which may necessitate a transfer into one or more different currencies–until they can even place a trade for the crypto they wanted to buy in the first place. It is highly likely that the distraction of joining new exchanges, trading into intermediary currencies, and waiting for block confirmation of currency transfers will keep such traders from properly accounting for currency risk, the local time in which such an exchange (or even the target company) itself is located in, or the proper route to use to get profits made, if any, back to their native fiat currency. They are simply not going to know the perfect time to make the purchase. Obviously this is highly inefficient, not to mention frustrating, and leads to emotional trading decisions instead of logical and rational ones. ITT’s platform helps individuals trade better by indicating the ideal entry points for a given Crypto, and can help them to time and execute entries and exits. This way they will be able to make sound investment decisions based on analytical reasoning instead of emotional reactions.

Experienced investors benefit as well because they will instantly understand the efficiency of the ITT platform as it decreases the amount of time that they must spend observing various markets, calculating execution times, conversion routes and block confirmations each day, freeing them up to look for new targets. The ITT platform is more than just a simple trading assistant; it’s a means to encourage success in the cryptocurrency markets.

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About Intelligent Trading Technologies:

Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT) is developing an artificial intelligence-powered trading assistant for the cryptocurrency markets. ITT’s Platform pairs traditional market trading concepts with today’s cutting-edge pattern recognition and machine learning capabilities. These technologies allow the software to continuously scan, analyze, and interpret the massive amount of information available, delivering game-changing trading ideas to you to execute

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