Developers Launch Mobile Version of Ether Quest: the Fantasy RPG With Collectible Characters

Developers Launch Mobile Version of Ether Quest: the Fantasy RPG With Collectible Characters

Four months after its successful initial release, Ether Dale is launching Ether Quest on mobile.The online RPG uses smart contract technology to give players ownership over unique collectible characters.

This Estonia-based studio’s vision is to combine competitive gameplay with Blockchain technology to create a simple yet powerful financial tool. This is a user-friendly way to introduce players to the Ethereum network while playing in a comfortable and controlled environment. The blockchain-based game also allows players to collect unique characters that, like any other crypto asset, belong entirely to their owner – they cannot be erased or expropriated in any way.

Since the game’s initial release on February 28, 2018, the Ether Quest Arena has attracted over 1,500 regular players who have conducted some 20,000 transactions. Their quickly growing audience speaks to the fans’ engagement to the crypto-asset-character scheme.

These characters are the heart of Ether Quest – tokenized collectible warriors with unique sets of attributes. Great warriors from different worlds gather in Arena City in search of untold treasures and eternal glory. They test their mettle in competitive battles and improve their skills running military campaigns.

Players can purchase a warrior on the market or obtain them in a summoning ritual (i.e. mining). There cannot possibly be two identical warriors in the game: each character is unique and possesses a signature set of qualities, with millions of different options to explore. The earlier you join the game, the more likely it is that the strongest warriors of the Arena will swear their loyalty to you.

You can collect, train, sell, and sign warriors up for Arena battles or tournaments. If you win, you can make a real-money profit.

With the latest update, the game has expanded from just browsers to mobile devices – all you have to do is install any compatible digital wallet on your phone or tablet (the developers strongly recommend Trust Wallet). Right now Ether Quest supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian, and Ether Dale is calling volunteers to translate the game into more languages. The studio provides special files in English that can be translated and sent to back to To find out more, go ahead and visit the developer website.

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