DeepBrain Won “Golden Chain” Award at Blockchain Technology Application Summit DeepBrain Won “Golden Chain” Award at Blockchain Technology Application Summit

DeepBrain Chain, a blockchain-driven AI computing platform that just had their token sale completed within 4 hours last week, was invited to attend China’s Blockchain Technology Application Summit in Shanghai, and was awarded the “Golden Chain” Award.

At the summit, DeepBrain Chain CEO, He Yong, shared thoughts on how DeepBrain project could solve the pain points of current AI industry with two approaches. The data approach. It’s widely known that AI is a giant beast feeding on big data, so problems concerning the source and quality of data, together with the privacy issues require our immediate attention. The smart contracts on the blockchain protect data privacy through segregating data providers and data users, so that the latter have no idea where the data is when using the data for machine learning, hence no way to resell it to others. In the meantime, the learning itself is decentralized, too. The data are not run on users’ own servers; instead, the only things they can get are analytical data models generated from the training process.

The computing power approach. AI chips like GPUs iterate very fast, with an annual performance boost of 5 to 10 times. High performance AI servers cost an arm and a leg, and the quick iteration of the servers means that it is a huge cost for all enterprises in the AI industry. $25bn was raised during the past five years by AI companies, and it is very likely that every firm will become an AI firm in the future. The decentralization technology on the blockchain by DeepBrain provides the best solution for the computing power problem, which means a 70% cut in cost for AI companies.

DeepBrain Chain’s token, DBC, will be listed on several major exchanges including Huobi, Kucoin, and LBank after Christmas.

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Company contacts: He Yong, CEO

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