Decentralized P2P Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange Streamity Pre-ICO Launched! Decentralized P2P Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange Streamity Pre-ICO Launched!

An emerging decentralized P2P cryptocurrency to fiat money exchange Streamity has launched its PRE-ICO. According to information on the exchange website about 20,000,000 STM tokens are being traded for about $2.8 million.

What is Streamity and why it is a game changer in the cryptocurrency exchange front

Streamity is a decentralized P2P cryptocurrency to fiat money exchange and vice versa that will use a wide range of cryptocurrencies in its service board. Streamity is designed to increase transaction speed to almost instant meanwhile giving users easy navigation of the platform at the lowest services ranging 0% to 2% only.

Streamity is built around the idea of making cryptocurrency transactions fast, reliable and cheap. The platform main exchange ideology is to make conversion of any cryptocurrency on the market to fiat and vica versa as easy as possible. With Streamity it will be easy to exchange any listed cryptocurrency directly to fiat money almost instantly.

Streamity built a very powerful StreamDesk aggregator that will ensure the exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa. Streamdesk is designed to carry out its exchange functions independently of any intermediaries. StreamDesk will also handle mutual exchanges of cryptocurrencies with maximum security and efficiency.

Why Invest in Streamity Now

With the unstoppable wide spreading of cryptocurrency, investing in a promising project of the calibre of Streamity will assure you a good future returns on capital. We drafted some few reasons why you should invest in the Streamity project today.

The unique StreamDesk service is ideal to manage profitable trading of cryptocurrency under the proven security that comes with smart contracts alongside existing payment system around the world.

Streamity allows the buying and selling of cryptocurrency without charging users any commissions ensuring better profits for the users.

Streamity PTE. LTD is a legitimate company registered in Singapore. Streamity allows investors to buy its tokens from any part of the world through its partnership with a variety of payment systems around the world.

Streamity has developed its own STM tokens that will remain the main aid for transacting in the Streamity ecosystem. STM tokens will be used to buy or sell order on the Streamity platform. At the moment STM tokens exchange for $0.2 but they are expected to increase as Streamity services gain more popularity.

Streamity designed its STM tokens to be resistant to rate manipulation by backing it up with fiat money reserve funds.

Finally Streamity has a very committed and active team who are always working around the clock to ensure maximum customer satisfaction with the exchange services, Streamity.

How to invest in streamity,  a step by step guide

If you have ever thought of making your money gain value, this is the time for you. Invest in the Streamity project and get up to 30% interest on your deposits now! In order to buy STM tokens visit the project’s website and register you personal account.

Company name: Streamity

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