CryptoFriends Back in Barcelona at WGES to Discuss Blockchain, Crypto, AI and ICO’s

CryptoFriends Back in Barcelona at WGES to Discuss Blockchain, Crypto, AI and ICO’s

Barcelona is known for its fantastic weather, beautiful beaches, breathtaking architecture, and world class football team, but has also gained itself a reputation as one of Europe’s tech hubs, and now the location of Spain’s new blockchain centre.

Successfully adopting a wave of international entrepreneurs, incubators, startups and global congresses, the city by the sea has witnessed the emergence of a sizeable tech community in recent years.

Today, it is an important player in hosting global tech events including, the Mobile World Congress, the Smart City Expo and the upcoming World Gaming Executive Summit (WGES) between 3-5 July.

Organised by Terrapin, the WGES will take place in the iconic beachfront W-Hotel and will accommodate 160 speakers alongside an industry crowd of 500+ people. Furthermore, it will focus on, for the first time, cutting edge technologies including blockchain, crypto and AI, and how they can be used in the gambling industry and beyond.

Eric Benz, CryptoFriends Ambassador and Co-Founder of Clear Protocol is very optimistic about the effect that blockchain will have on the gambling industry, he says:

“The gambling industry as a whole has been looking for a solution for many years to provide transparency, auditability and security. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are here to provide just that. As the internet transformed the way we interact with information, blockchain is now transforming the way we interact with value.”

Partnering with Terrapin, CryptoFriends will take the stage on July 4th for an exclusive ICO pitching session between 16:30-18:00. During the session, there will be a discussion on the future of blockchain technology and presentations from a number of prominent ICO/gaming projects. This will be followed by a Q&A session and later, a Crypto Sangria networking party organised by CryptoFriends in the exhibition area.

For more info about what’s in store at the WGES, click here.

Pitch your ICO at the CryptoFriends pitching session on July 4th. Click here.

Learn more about CryptoFriends, check out their website, their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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