Cryptocurrency Trends for 2018, Exchange-Based Tokens Will Take the Lead in Development

Cryptocurrency Trends for 2018, Exchange-Based Tokens Will Take the Lead in Development

The second half of 2018’s Cryptocurrency market is quite bright with many new opportunities for investors, but there are certain risks stemming from strong regulatory interventions from many powerful nations of Blockchain and Crypto Coins, all the negative statement about Crypto from the well-known individuals and influential organizations, extreme fluctuations of the Altcoin.

1. Exchange based Coins will recover and developed steadily after the drop of the market.

After the drop of the market, the Exchange based Tokens has made steady progress despite being influenced more or less. Thanks to the advantage of re-sharing part of the Exchange or reducing transaction fees which investors can receive more profits without having to surf much. Thus, the application of Exchange based Coins of user demand is over 90% of the Altcoin in the market with promises that never become the truth

Like Huobi Token (HT) of Huobi Exchange or Binance Coin (BNB) of Binance Exchange. These Exchanges will use up to 20% of their profits to buy back their Tokens then either store or burn them. This is a great way to share profits to investors without being considered Security by SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission). This is also the most prominent policy, which apply by many Exchange based Coin in ensuring liquidity and sustainable growth. HT increased to 540% after 3 months of operation and BNB even reached a peak of 24,000% after 6 months of operation. Beside that,there are also Kucoin shares (KCS), Tokens of Kucoin Exchange. It acts as both: trading currencies and shares of the Exchange. Kucoin holders will receive from 50% of total transaction fee and will be entitled to a 30% discount on Bitcoin and other Altcoin trading fees. KCS also had an impressive growth rate of 4,545% after 2 months of operation.

These above evidences shows that the trend for the last half year of 2018 is Exchange based Coin. Although, there are times up and down, but Exchange based Coins listing prices often have several times higher than the released price. Growth is expected to be in line with the rise of Bitcoin in the second half of 2017. The most prominent and potential among the new Exchange-based Token is Fondo coin (FDC). The ICO price is $ 0.4 with the total supply capped at only 100 million Coins. Based on the raise up to 240 times of other Exchange-based Tokens. Growth potential of Fondo Coin in the future is extremely huge.

2. Why does Fondo Coin have highly evaluated by experts?

ICO Fondo Coin only has a $ 34 million hard cap, but has its own Exchange which is not inferior to any major Exchange in the world that capitalized at between $ 300 million and $ 2500 million. Therefore, when it reaches the potential growth rate, value of Fondo Coin can increase by 10 to 70 times.

Fondo Coin holders will be free to trade between FDC and other Token. In addition, the Fondo Network Exchange will spend up to 40% of its profits to buy back FDC then burn off periodically to keep liquidity and increase FDC values. Trading on Fondo Coin, investors are well supported with the following features:

  • Continuously support new potential Coins, and examine on all Coins to support users with full information for a variety of options.
  • Extremely swift and simple, thanks to the complete API. In order not to waste time on deposit or withdrawal, the FDC system will continually updates the transaction tracking system.
  • You will always be assisted by the FDC team to solve issues quickly and professionally.
  • Compatible with both new and advanced Coin traders because it integrates Technical analysis support tool for Coins trading with almost full of indicators ADX, RSI, MACD, BB, especially MFI Indicator of cash flow, OBV, etc.

The fact that the Fondo coin has risen as other Exchange base Crypto in the long term is obvious. There are two main reasons for the FDC to increase its value: the increase of FDC users amount on the Exchange due to their affiliate marketing policies and the use of Exchange’s profit to buy back FDC. This is the perfect option for investors who want to find a reliable product of long-term investment with high profit and low risk.

Fondo ICO will be on pre-sale and crowd-sale from June 8th, 2018 to August 8th, 2018 with different incentives for early buyers.

Interested investors can visit Fondo Coin’s official website for more information.

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