Cryptocurrency Capable of Handling Up to 500,000+ Transactions Per Second Cryptocurrency Capable of Handling Up to 500,000+ Transactions Per Second

Tkeycoin DAO is a cryptographic decentralized platform built on the mechanism of artificial intelligence, which opens a new world of opportunities for people and business.

The concept of the project Tkeycoin will change the perception of the cryptocurrency industry and make them available to millions of people. The problem of crypto market is the lack of its use for real-life calculations.

Take a look at how the technical solution will be applied by users in real life to pay for goods and services in real life or online stores.

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By creating an innovative network, Tkeycoin borrows the best from Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and other alternative currencies, blending modern cryptography concepts and mathematical theories. Based on the global experience of IBM, Microsoft, and research we have solved the 3 main problems that hindered the scale to other cryptocurrencies.

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Road map

We clearly follow our plan, after the limited issue through the ICO, the platform will move to the second stage of development and scaling.

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Our team consists of Russian engineers, mathematicians, physicists, enthusiasts and dreamers, constantly analyzing various concepts and experience of global companies.

→ With the development team, you can see the official site of the platform.

The basis of the development of technology lay popular scientific research, such as Game Theory, the Theory of Claude Shannon, Alan Turing Theory, Entropy of random numbers, artificial intelligence IBM Watson, own developed programming language.

Our main goal is to make a flexible and scalable blockchain Protocol so that the use of cryptocurrencies becomes available to millions of people. On May 1, we hold an ICO in order to attract people’s attention and get investments for further scaling in the market.

B2B Solutions

The technical solution of the cryptographic blockchain Protocol will allow banks and economic structures to save millions of dollars on expensive payments, through the use of a fast transaction processor and instant information about users in meta data. Technology can become a partner for international banks.

Tkeycoin is going to sell its intelligent solutions and earn in future commissions for translations.

B2C Solutions

After conducting a limited issue of coins was released, the developers will create a platform for freelancers, suppliers and vendors and online stores where users can exchange their coins for real goods or services. A fair economy based on blockchain will stimulate business to properly fulfill its obligations, which will open a healthy market of goods and services for users.

Individual entrepreneurs and freelancers can connect to the marketplace for free and provide their services to businesses. The payments tkeycoin acquiring where the Commission is 1%.

The Consensus Tkeycoin

Delegated proof-of-stake to Artificial Intelligence / DPOSTOAI

Self-learning agents (Phoenix Tkeycoin) can investigate the formation of new blocks in the blockchain and analyze the source code. Modeling will be determined by a narrower range of possible combinations for each subsequent item. At the current rate of increase in complexity, this can be a great solution for reducing costs. We take an active part in the revolution of interaction between technology and man.

AI can also participate in the selection and confirmation of new blocks. Such assistance will increase the reliability of the network, eliminating the threat of 51% attack and various frauds on the part of pools.

AI can transform a flat network consensus structure into a hierarchical one. To preserve the principle of the formed model, it is enough to confirm several “correct” blocks. They can be randomly selected on any stretches of the chain or installed using specific conditions and be a key point for later reconciliation.

In addition, the reduction of processes during operation will lead to acceleration of the network and reduction of energy resources.

Users (holders of coins TCD) are not validators of transactions, they delegate their coins to agents (the program), which continuously support the work of a full-fledged network node, timely perform transaction verification and form new blocks.

Network blockchain protection

Each user downloads the soſtware (wallet). Artificial intelligence with a set of inherent conditions contained on each computer or device.

Assume that the attackers infected the victim’s computer and changed the settings of the true soſtware. In this case, the system finds devices whose settings do not match the large number of true soſtware and disables the device until it is upgraded to true.

Who can mine coins?

Each user, who owns 3000 TCD on his / her wallet, can get coins. To start mining coins, you need to start a personal computer with Internet connection from 20 Mbps and delegate your coins to the Agent. Your computer may be the most common, but it should always be connected to the network and have a dedicated IP address.

When you delegate your coins to Agents, your funds are frozen until you want to disable the mining of coins. Every day your wallet receives a reward that you can use for your own purposes or reinvest in the extraction of coins.

Let’s make this world of cryptocurrency more accessible and will have a great influence on the world together. Join Token Sale tkeycoin.

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