Crypto N’ Kafe to Revolutionize the African Coffee Market Crypto N’ Kafe to Revolutionize the African Coffee Market

The ecosystem aims at remodeling the centralized structure of the African coffee industry. Crypto N’ Kafe is powered by Ethereum Blockchain Technology.

Mauritius, January17th, 2018: In the wake of myriad challenges faced by the African Coffee Industry, Crypto N’ Kafe has introduced Blockchain technology in the industry to facilitate farmers, retailers, roasters, traders and end-consumers. This technology will be utilized in the form of an ecosystem to deliver a remodeled market experience and end-to-end benefits.

Crypto N’ Kafe is a decentralized consumer ecosystem, based on smart contracts and powered by Ethereum Blockchain technology.This ecosystem serves the farmers and the consumers to collaborate directly and overcome the domination of retailers. Availability of smart contracts makes it possible to facilitate different operations. Deploying such ecosystem shall assist in fair trade, free from hidden or any unfair markup transaction of the coffee.

On the launch of Crypto N’ Kafe, Mr. Nathan Christian, Blockchain Advisor for Crypto N’ Kafe, said, “Implementation of this technology will enable the small-scale farmers to improve their income by manifolds. Furthermore, the ecosystem will create more transparent and trustful market to aid an efficient supply chain.”

He further added, “The African coffee market faces different challenges in the distribution of coffee at a fair price and Crypto N’ Kafe will solve this critical problem. Users will be able to access it without any central authority e.g. bank, company, or government.  With the use of this ecosystem, coffee supply will become smoother, inflation will decline, ultimately helping in better economic conditions.”

Crypto N’ Kafe aims at fixing the gloom of underpaid coffee farmers and cutting the involvement of intermediaries, while offering a broader exposure. Being beneficial for traders, this ecosystem shall facilitate better payment approaches, eliminating banking ordeals, and a direct provision of contact for roasters with traders and farmers. Retailers and consumers shall enjoy the hassle-free connect and easy payment provision.

This is the first of its kind platform that has been designed in the history of African Coffee to make the coffee world modernized, transparent, and beneficial for all.

Company name: Crypto N’ Kafe

Company site:

Company contacts: Stella Letoile, International Markerting Manager


Phone: +84 979399998

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