Crypto Games Conference Announced the Best Crypto Game in the World. Meet Blockchain Cuties!

Meet Blockchain Cuties

Trigger warning: those who fall for cute things could find this content addictive.

The first international Crypto Games Conference dedicated to games and game services based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency was held in Minsk on 17-18 October 2018. There were more than 600 participants from 25 countries who took part to share their blockchain gaming experience to bring the industry to worldwide recognition. Since blockchain games is a new trend to this same old world, all who were already involved ensured that the acquired synergy will result in some profound implication and a necessarily global adoption of crypto games.

65 international speakers took the lead in working on crypto gaming foundation. They are the first acted as Atlases of the crypto gaming industry. The following generation of crypto games developers will beyond any doubt base their innovations on the knowledge gained from today’s representatives of the industry.

During the Crypto Games Conference there was a vivid competition going on, in which crypto collectible game Blockchain Cuties won the contest as the Best Crypto Game! Among 100 crypto games presented Blockchain Cuties happened to be the first!

Vladimir Tomko is the CEO and game producer of Blockchain Cuties gave a presentation on the current state of cryptogame market. Real talk about crypto gaming is provided below, together with an awesome historical background.

Out of 650+ crypto games that exist there are 3 precious ones which caused the emergence of crypto games.

History is written by the winners

Here we go, the history of crypto gaming in 3 brief chapters.

Chapter I

On 2 June 2017 CryptoPunks came out as the first blockchain game ever existed. The rules were basic – to collect, bid on and offer punks for sale. At the same time the tragic part of an emerging crypto gaming industry was its pathetic payment system which weren’t universal. Players had to find other players themselves to make a deal. Despite this fact, crypto punks succeeded to have a positive rate of Return On Investment (ROI).

Chapter II

On 28 November 2017 CryptoKitties looked back at CryptoPunks to create a valuable crypto game. It turned out to be the high quality product. CryptoKitties invented a groundbreaking thing such as making Ethereum networking lag. They created the market and made people believe that crypto games are not just a nostalgic leisure throwing you back to childhood.

Chapter  III

In April 2018 the crypto collectible game Blockchain Cuties was officially released. Indeed, a breeding features were taken from the aforementioned game but animated lizards, puppies, bears and and other real and fantasy creatures alike have never been presented before. Each cutie has its unique genome which players are decoding to get themselves rare and valuable cuties. Players get to decide whether to breed their personal admirable army to send them on adventures or to place cuties in the marketplace in order to sell for a decent price. Every single attribute of a cutie as mustache, hair, eye color and etc directly influences the overall value and the performance of a cutie.

The game also has special roll-the-dice battles which could possibly lead it to the strategy format in the near future. This fact could provide a new beginning for crypto games development.

Modern art of crypto gaming

Majority of blockchain games utilise Ethereum blockchain and ERC-721 token standart. They are quite simple to play. They use metamask which is Ethereum wallet that comes as Chrome, Firefox and Opera extensions. On mobile they do Toshi, Cipher, Trust wallet or status in beta.

The quality of crypto games is generally really poor. This may be due to crazy demand which makes game developers of any rang to jump in without carefully preparing. Thus, be respectful to yourself, don’t consume lame graphics and the lack of game story.

To know them is to love them

China and the USA are top 2 countries playing crypto games. The real audience reach of crypto games is approximately 2M users. The Estimated peak DAU in Top Game is around 14K users. This number is received from the overall amount of game wallets and daily transactions.

Who are these 2 millions?

  • Desktop users
  • Crypto enthusiasts
  • ICO investors
  • Traders
  • Mostly males 25+
  • Distributed geo

It is time for some real talk

We do need to underline that no progress is possible without facing the fear of failure. Crypto games are not perfect themselves. Knowing weak sides to invest your time, money and energy in strengthening them is a definition of needed success in the coming years. Let’s deal with this!

Problems of the crypto games industry:

  1. No real strategy gaming yet. No proper RPG games yet. No proper casual games yet.
  2. Mobile gaming is now possible but adoption is quite slow yet. Players can’t pay in crypto regarding app Store guidelines otherwise the application will get removed from the App Store. Sometimes there are fiat in-app payments and a separate crypto payments in different app or on a website.
  3. Players need to be careful when they decide to trust every crypto game they see. One should doubt a game which does not have enough of publicity, genuine activity in community and not to mention some teams which prefer to stay hidden. Always keep in mind that only players need to do their due diligence.

Opportunities of the crypto games industry:

  1. The market is growing, there are many opportunities to use crypto assets especially via trading services. For example – OpenSea, OPSkins, BitGuild. Blockchain games offer tradable content both on the platform and outside of the platform (In-game and external).
  2. Code transparency.
  3. Market demand for the gaming assets. Crypto collectibles are 100% player-owned assets. They are considered as a valuable currency because people always buy what they could beneficially sell.

The future has arrived

All the useful insights were shared by Vladimir Tomko, the CEO and game producer of Blockchain Cuties which is the Best Crypto Game in the world according to Crypto Games Conference.

Blockchain Cuties keep ahead of the other games due to many reasons. Words are powerful but could they keep up with the real thrill of owning a warrior cuite strategically armed the only way you believe is right for winning a battle. The game has the most diverse choice of cuties to level them up and adventurous lanscapes to gain fighting experience.

It is important to note that Blockchain Cuties is famous for its strong community. Players with different levels of expirience share their ideas, victories and thoughts on telegram group chat. You can always feel free to direct your question to telegram group chat where actual useres with the help of tech support are always there to support each other.

See you in the game!

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