Crypto Backed Loans Platform MoneyToken Has Announced the Private Sale Crypto Backed Loans Platform MoneyToken Has Announced the Private Sale

All of us were thrilled by the MoneyToken’s advances and successes recently.

During the last several months, the team has achieved a lot: applied for a crypto-backed loans patent, announced Amanda AI loan assistant, and finally – almost finished their MVP development.

The MoneyToken Private sale has started on February 7th at 15:00 UTC.
More then $100,000 were contributed during the first 10 hours. 1,87% of the total token supply will be distributed with +40% bonus during the Private sale.

To gain access to the Private Sale, all users should join the MoneyToken Whitelist

MoneyToken MVP is also expected to launch at the end of Q1 2018.

What is MoneyToken?
MoneyToken is a Blockchain-based Financial Ecosystem, which consists of:
MoneyToken lending platform that provides loans in fiat currencies or stablecoins, secured by collateral in BTC and ETH
MTC – MoneyToken’s own stablecoin
MoneyToken decentralized Exchange service

What problem does MoneyToken solve?
The problem has been obvious for some time – spending crypto assets today removes the ability of an investor to benefit from any future growth in value; investors who buy low need to hold on to their assets in order to benefit from selling high.

This is where MoneyToken steps in. The MoneyToken platform allows you to borrow liquid funds instantly, based on the current value of your cryptocurrency asset holdings. You take out a loan, collateralized with more volatile assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum — and in return you receive an agreed loan amount in a stable currency. After the loan repayment, you will receive your whole collateral back, even if it has increased in value many times.

In the end, you’re able to acquire liquid funds, save your crypto position and stay in the investment game in the long run.

With MoneyToken, there is no reason to sell your BTC when you need liquid funds.

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