Crowdsale For DISCIPLINA – The First Blockchain For Education And HR Crowdsale For DISCIPLINA – The First Blockchain For Education And HR

DISCIPLINA is a multifunctional blockchain for projects in the fields of education and recruitment. It ensures the transparency of the platform’s activity and creates the conditions for maintaining the confidentiality and reliability of information entered by the ecosystem participants. The system will allow to keep a unified register of academic achievement and qualifications, and generate a personal score for every user of the platform.

DISCIPLINA is a private-public blockchain. The private element has been introduced in order to store private and personal user data, as well as those materials that are protected by copyright or commercial confidentiality. The private segment does not allow any data except hashes into open access. The public segment provides access to the data that verifies the integrity of the private chains and the reliability of the data stored by the network.

Since the blockchain will store confidential information (such as students’ personal data, grades, and test results), public blockchain solutions that store all of their transactions in open access — Ethereum or EOS, for example — are unacceptable. At the same time, private blockchain solutions, such as Hyperledger, do not provide enough verifiability of the data stored on them. That is why DISCIPLINA is being developed as a specific blockchain to ensure the full support for the needs of the educational and recruiting spheres. Crowdsale For DISCIPLINA – The First Blockchain For Education And HR

This blockchain will allow to digitally store the data on personal achievements and provide access to the data through a unified platform, guaranteeing its permanence and credibility. It will also allow recruiters to search for candidates according to their achievements and fields of expertise and help students establish a clear career path.

DISCIPLINA is an open-source blockchain: any educational or recruiting service will be able to use this blockchain in their projects. TeachMePlease will be the first project in the field of education based on the DISCIPLINA blockchain.

DISCIPLINA is being implemented by the TeachMePlease team from Saint-Petersburg in partnership with Serokell – an international company that specializes in the development of distributed systems. They also have experience in cryptocurrency development, one of which is Cardano.

DISCIPLINA crowdsale (ticker DSCP): March 27, 2018 – April 09, 2018

Softcap: 3 500 ETH.

Hardcap: 17 000 ETH.

Pre-sale: November 27, 2017 – March 20, 2018





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