CrowdForce Launches ICO For Blockchain Based Agency Banking & Data Collection Platform

CrowdForce Launches ICO For Blockchain Based Agency Banking & Data Collection Platform

94% of Transactions are done offline and 3 billion people are underbanked and unbanked in Emerging Markets

“CrowdForce” Announces Launching of ICO For Their Blockchain Based Agency Banking & Data Collection Platform

Mahe – In 2016 Alphabet’s CEO, Eric Schmidt predicted that “the next $100 billion company will be driven by crowd-based solutions.” CrowdForce is leveraging blockchain, mobile technology and a crowdsourced agent network to bring the next billion consumers to the digital economy.

The journey to “CrowdForce” began three years ago when we at MobileForms identified two of the major problems facing Emerging markets was the inability to gather reliable and verifiable data (micro tasks) and a means of delivering financial and digital services to remote communities (microservices).

Developed countries across the world have agencies and large infrastructures which gather and verify data, and these took years as well as billions of dollars to establish. Emerging markets do not have the luxury of years and billions of dollars required to catch up with the infrastructures that have been put in place in developed countries. The “CrowdForce” Team realised that what they need are tiny collections of humans and devices spread out across the countries building trust and working together in a collaborative manner to bring everyone to the digital economy.

This realization birthed the movement that is “CrowdForce”. The “CrowdForce” platform uses mobile technology and the largest agent network to help businesses, banks, Digital wallets and exchange companies scale to the next billion underserved population in emerging market.

The “CrowdForce” project provides a viable solution for market research, economic development, financial inclusion and blockchain penetration in Emerging markets by using online and offline mobile technology and a network of merchants and agents that are properly empowered and incentivized to render micro tasks and services in their area.

The “CrowdForce” field agent network works with the “CrowdForce” platform which allows businesses, banks, digital wallets, crypto exchanges and developers to set up micro tasks and services. These will instantly be made available to all agents on the network via the application on the merchants’ phones or POS systems.

The “CrowdForce” Pre-sale begins on September 15, 2018, while the Tokensale commences on November 12, 2018 and will run for 4 weeks. The goal is to secure funding to finalize the development of the “CrowdForce” platform, as well as drive adoption of the platform across all Emerging markets.

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