Credits MainNet Release

Credits MainNet Release

Credits is glad to announce that the development of the Credits blockchain platform is on its final stage and the company is conducting the final internal test of smart contracts and the network stability. On July the 15th the Credits team is launching the pre-releases of the platform and working networks:

MainNet for the development of applications and services.

TestNet for testing with the functions and MainNET tools.

The functions of the platform allow to work in various ways with smart contracts. For example, a developer will be enabled to write their own smart contract with deploy. Smart contract code can be saved or edited in Desktop Wallet, if necessary. The exact functions of a smart contract depend on its terms, but from the technical point of view the platform allows to fulfill almost any functions automatically. Among other

  • built-in programming language for smart contracts in Java
  • additional built-in functions
  • regulated calls of smart contract methods
  • built-in code validation tools
  • integration with external services using API
  • built-in chain integrity protection mechanism

This network version has the functions that previous releases had, as well as some new functions:

  • Transactions and inter-account transfer
  • Synchronization on the network
  • Innovative consensus algorithm DPoS+BFT
  • Multi-layer logic software structure
  • EDS algorithm based on ECDSA25519 technology
  • Blake2s hashcoding
  • Asynchronous data processing
  • Multi-platform software
  • Unique UDP-based bounded-buffer transport protocol
  • Conversion of data packages into binary format
  • LevelDB storage
  • Snappy data compression algorithm inside the storage

Credits MainNet

MainNet is the ready version of the network with the real CS currency and smart contracts.

This release complies with Release Candidate (unstable but fully functioning version of the platform). The platform has undergone a comprehensive testing with all revealed critical errors being eliminated. At the same time, there is still a risk of spotting errors and incorrect work which had not been revealed by the tests.

This network will be available for the company’s partners and third party developers — subject to a preliminary approval and applications — who will be given an opportunity to set up their own service on the Credits platform. Partner companies and independent developers are welcome to apply by filling in the form.

Credits TestNet

TestNet is a public testing network open for connection that fully matches MainNet by technical characteristics and functions. This network is needed to test future solutions before they are implemented on the MainNet network.

The working consensus algorithm, electronic digital signature, Blake2s hash-coding algorithm, proprietary UDP-based data transfer protocol — all will be opened to our community users. Inside the system, the exchange will be enabled by the test currency unrelated to real money. The test network also has coins that can be received in advance through Support. The company will post the request form at its main website or the technical support portal. Partner companies and independent developers are welcome to apply by filling in the form.

At the next step Credits is going to develop non-commercial services for demonstrating the platform’s functionality.

Together with the networks the team is planning to launch BugBounty in order to spot platform errors.

Credits software is available at GitHub. If you are a developer willing to start to work with it, please, visit Credits support portal at site.

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