Contentos Launches Public Content Chain

Contentos Launches Public Content Chain

Contentos (COS) hosted its ‘Mastering your creativity with COS’ event at Andaz Hotel in Tokyo as part of a global tour. The event attracted major industry executives, including LiveMe CEO Yuki, Ontology founder Li Jun, Danhua Capital partner Selina, COS cofounder Mick, Blockshine COO Daniel Zhang, Binance Labs Director Lin, DAD Japan head Leslie Wu, PhotoGrid head of products Angela, and Cheez head of operations Wang Xinyuang. The conference also attracted dozens of blockchain enthusiasts from all across Japan, including local university students, blockchain developers, and blockchain entrepreneurs, to learn and better understand how COS is designing its future ecology.

COS cofounder Mick kicked off the event with a keynote speech on the landing and ecological construction of COS applications. Mick stated that COS is committed to building the world’s most extensive public chain for digital content with the goal of unifying the value of global content and returning creative ownership and value to creators and their communities. COS will effectively solve the biggest pain points that have been plaguing the content industry. Independent content creators are unable to leverage their work while content platforms and imitators receive most of the benefits, putting the content industry in a vicious circle of copyright infringement and demonetization. COS will use blockchain technology to solve this industry problem.

Mick also stated that content creators, platforms and users have not yet achieved the ideal balance as it relates to the distribution of benefits and profits, a reality that has contributed to the industry’s turmoil. It is common for agency and network executives to reap more benefits from creative content than the actual creators. Even high-quality content can be difficult to monetize in a fair manner for independent creators. Due to many content platforms’ opacity and information asymmetry, it has been difficult to guarantee creators with their own interests.

Additionally, rising competition in the content industry is forcing platforms to pay premiums for intellectual property and exclusive content, leaving less value to be passed on to the average creator. The top percentile of popular creators continue to reap most of the benefits while independent creators struggle, a vicious cycle that has yet to be broken. The saying that “Content is King” has echoed across the industry for a long time but quality content cannot be created without bringing the value back to creators. Because of asymmetric information, content creators can only voice their doubts but it can be difficult to verify any claims. While blockchain is a value and trust network, its distributed ledger ensures that the distribution and ownership of content can not be tampered, which can guarantee the interests of the creators to the greatest extent.

In this troubled landscape, COS will bring a new wave of revolution to the entire digital content industry but COS isn’t just for creators. For platforms and advertisers, participation, collaboration and innovation can also become more fair and transparent in the COS ecosystem. “We need to serve the entire digital content industry, whether it’s creators, platforms or advertisers, to maximize the benefits,” said Mick on the future.

Taking into account the massive global consumption of digital content, COS proposed the iBFT consensus algorithm, which enables each node to automatically switch between consensus methods based on the network’s transaction volume and resource utilization.

This allows the transaction validation speed to be reduced to less than 3 seconds, and TPS increased to more than 2,000 when more throughput is needed.

Following Mick’s keynote, Angela, the product manager of COS partner PhotoGrid, introduced how PhotoGrid will redefine the value of content by integrating with the COS public chain. PhotoGrid is one of the world’s leading photo editing apps with 40 million monthly active users and more than 360 million app downloads. The introduction of the COS pass system boosted user enthusiasm in the PhotoGrid community, with many users motivated to produce and share high-quality original content, which also greatly improved user retention. Through the integration with PhotoGrid, COS can circulate in the PhotoGrid ecosystem and truly implement blockchain technology to better serve the content industry.

Short video partner Cheez was also joined the event in Tokyo. Wang Xinyuan, head of operations of Cheez, introduced the app which is commonly referred to as the “American version of TikTok” and has tens of millions of monthly active users globally. Its content advantages include collaborations with several top influencers and takes the lead in the short video space. By integration with the COS ecosystem, users can earn COS by watching, sharing, and posting short videos, among many other incentivized actions.

“Using COS to motivate users on the platform is both fresh and fun,” says Wang Xinyuan. The introduction of COS to build a new content incentive system has generated interest among content creators and users. Top performing content creators get more COS rewards and users get COS rewards for sharing the content, a strategy that is increasing user stickiness. In the first month alone, Cheez doubled its number of downloads and monthly active users.

COS has partnered and integrated with three global content platforms, which shows that COS is a content public chain with real commercial value. Content platforms such as LiveMe (live streaming), Cheez (short video), and PhotoGrid (photo sharing) are reshaping the value of content through COS. The partnership with several high-quality content platforms will prove to the world that the COS public chain technology has been recognized by leading content platforms, the global market is optimistic about the value of COS, and more and more high-quality content platforms are collaborating with COS.

The event also hosted media attendees from the blockchain industry and traditional venture capital circles. Blockchain media including Cointelegraph, 36 Krypton, Geek Park, White Whale Going Out Sea, Golden Finance, Sanyan Finance, COINVOICE, and Woman’s Block Chain also participated in the event and shared their expert opinions. At the end of the meeting, the globally-renowned blockchain publication Cointelegraph conducted an on-site interview with COS co-founder Mick as part of a series of reports featuring COS as a promising global blockchain project.

The global tour also received international media coverage from Reuters, NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, and other authoritative mainstream media in a special report about digital content public chain COS

Reuters, NASDAQ and other media reported on COS
The event was full of big names, including experts from the blockchain and content industries. Li jun, founder of ontology; Selina, partner of Danhua capital; Daniel Zhang, chief operating officer of Blockshine; Ella Zhang, chief executive officer of Binance Labs; and other guests also took the stage to share their project experiences and prospects for the future of the blockchain industry. The guests showed great interest in the content ecology of digital content public chain.

The global blockchain market is driven by capital, which is largely because the industry lacks sound development mechanisms. On the one hand, the blockchain industry’s current situation cannot meet the increasing demands for everyday production and consumption across all industries. On the other hand, the information architecture of the content industry is improving day by day, while the efficiency of traditional infrastructures lag behind. The entire industry presents an abnormal development state of superficial growth, which will require everyone to move forward with clearly defined goals.

COS will continue to pursue continuous growth and strive to return the blockchain industry to its essence and rationality. And shortly after, the COS will continue to rebuild content value coordinates and launch multi-city speaking panels. In the booming blockchain market, COS is leading the industry to make positive changes.

“We stand now and look to the future, and the future is now.”

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