Consentium Raises Additional US$ 10 Million To Build First-Of-Its-Kind Fintech Chat App Consentium Raises Additional US$ 10 Million To Build First-Of-Its-Kind Fintech Chat App

  • Consentium allows peer-to-peer (P2P), multi-digital-currency transfers between users.
  • Its unique fee redistribution program among top in-app users helps create and cultivate strong in-app communities.
  • The total funding to date is over $20M, including a previous round in Q1 2018 and this additional raise of $10M.

Singapore, April 5, 2018 –  Consentium, Asia’s first multi-digital currency and group monetisation chat application, has announced today that it has raised a total of USD$20 million after the latest round of its private sale. This follows a previous raise of USD$10 million which was completed in March 2018.

“Consentium is re-defining what a mobile chat app does. Not only can our users communicate with friends, families and people in their networks, but also uniquely monetize their in-app experiences. We are immensely pleased with follow-on funding into Consentium which demonstrates a healthy investment appetite from investors to build our vision of a fintech and community first chat app.” said Hal Bame, co-founder of Consentium.

In March 2018, Consentium announced its partnership with the security firm ThothTrust to manage the overall security for Consentium, mainly focused on wallet encryption methods. Through its Customizable Secure Cryptography (CSC) product, ThothTrust provides a consultation and customisation service to secure the company’s critical crypto assets. What this secure hardware service does is it stores, processes and executes cryptocurrency transactions for Consentium and its users. For users to access these services, secure identification will be required.

On Friday, 23 March 2018, Consentium also held its first sharing session in Singapore, with a turnout of 150 attendees. The event called “Consentium Presents: Regulations and Economics of Cryptocurrencies Today” covered information around the parameters of cryptocurrencies in Singapore. Speakers included Peter Sin and Caleb Yap, Co-Founders of Singapore Bitcoin Club, Nizam Ismail, legal advisor for Consentium, as well as Hal Bame, CEO & Co-Founder of Consentium, who shared more around the platform’s unique concept of monetising the creation and participation of community chat groups.

Insights from the packed-out event helped drive interest in Consentium’s pre-sale, as its pre-sale cap of USD$20 million was achieved within the initial hours of the one-day pre-sale. To cater to the overwhelming interest registered, Consentium will be extending its public sale dates to run from April 15th (1800hrs GMT +6) through April 30th (1800hrs GMT +6).

About Consentium

Consentium is the first chat application to reward its users with cryptocurrency for any group or community they create. The Consentium Coins (CSM) cryptocurrencies generated on the platform are based on the Ethereum platform, the world’s largest leading smart contract blockchain.

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